How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate Jan 26 2014

'-- a thought ...' HERES
'Fiddler on the Roof' wife GOLDE
'Get lost!' SCAT
'Hey you' PSST
'I'm tellin' ya, that's who!' SEZME
'Ms. Oakley go after that man'?, ANNIEGETYOURGUY
'Na Na' preceder SHA
'Peanuts' cartoonist Charles SCHULZ
'That hurts!' YOW
'Uh-uh' NAH
'Webster' star Lewis EMMANUEL
-- 'King' Cole NAT
-- -do-well (idle type) NEER
-- dish PETRI
-- Francisco SAN
17-syllable poem HAIKU
1964 Beatles song IFIFELL
1994 'Saturday Night Live' spin-off film ITSPAT
777, for one PLANE
Actor Malden KARL
Actor Peter LORRE
Actors Sean and Kal PENNS
Add (on) TACK
Alternative to Levi's LEES
Archie Bunker type BIGOT
Aristotle's A ALPHA
Artists' props EASELS
Assert anew REAFFIRM
Attacks a man? GOESFORBLOKE
Barely get, with 'out' EKE
Berkshire school ETON
Blind -- bat ASA
Blue Jays, on scoreboards TOR
Brand of hot dogs ARMOUR
Bring forth EDUCE
Buddy who played a Clampett EBSEN
Cato's 611 DCXI
City ESE of Istanbul ANKARA
Clanton of Tombstone IKE
Clear as -- ABELL
Cliffhanging TENSE
Cuban bills PESOS
D sharp's sound-alike EFLAT
Daily Planet's Clark KENT
Deep blue OCEAN
Dreaded IRS probe: Abbr AUD
Dress finely, with 'out' TOG
Emmy winner LaBeouf SHIA
Ending of ordinal numbers ETH
Europe-Asia border range URALS
Excessively TODEATH
Father or Lady lead-in OUR
Feeling sick ILL
First sgt., e.g NCO
Fistfight reminder FATLIP
Fluids in syringes SERA
Forced away (from) WRESTED
Friendly AFFABLE
Giant bird of myth ROC
Gp. of relatives FAM
Grippers on shoes CLEATS
Guitar relative LUTE
Half of twelve SIX
Hangouts on the slopes SKILODGES
Head of a monastery ABBOT
Heavy book TOME
Heavy noble gas RADON
In a skillful manner ADEPTLY
In direct confrontation TOETOTOE
Jacuzzis, e.g SPATUBS
John, to Ian LOO
Large BIG
Lead on TEMPT
Leg exercise LUNGE
Leon Uris' '-- in Ruins' AGOD
Like details for carrying out an operation LOGISTIC
Man at one's heels? FELLOWCLOSEBEHIND
Man doing some film editing? GENTSPLICING
Man living in Scotland's capital? DUDEOFEDINBURGH
Man who owns a Mexican restaurant? TORTILLACHAP
Man with no fastening band? STRAPLESSBRO
Man, in Spain HOMBRE
Missouri River city OMAHA
More faithful TRUER
Much better than so-so DARNGOOD
Nap locales BEDS
Nervous, with 'up' KEYED
Of Israel's language HEBRAIC
Old Egypt-Syr. alliance UAR
Old politico Landon ALF
Old RCA classical music label REDSEAL
One- -- (short drama) ACTER
Ought to have, informally SHOULDA
Oversize-load escort vehicle PILOTCAR
Oz. and lb WTS
Pfeiffer of 'Cybill' DEDEE
Physicist's work units ERGS
Piling-on footballer TACKLER
Prov. with Thunder Bay ONT
Purify, as liquor DISTILL
Rationality REASON
Really ruin BLOW
Render obsolete OUTMODE
Resistance unit OHM
River craft CANOE
Robert who played A.J. Soprano ILER
Rock music's -- Leppard DEF
Rodent-killing poison, old-style RATSBANE
See 15-Across NOMINEES
Shangri-las UTOPIAS
Slightly ATRIFLE
Smacks SLAPS
Small vessel for oil or wine CRUSE
Soap compound LYE
Start to mature? PRE
Steak type TBONE
Stipulations TERMS
Stopwatch, e.g TIMER
Summoned in an airport PAGED
Throw -- blanket on AWET
Treat like dirt ABASE
Tundra coat PARKA
Unrefined CRUDE
Use a harpoon SPEARFISH
Very fast, in scores PRESTO
Very manly MACHO
West Indies natives CARIBS
Wintertime tempests ICESTORMS
With 87-Down, Academy Award hopefuls OSCAR
WWII battle city in France STLO
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