How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate Jan 17 2010

'-- -haw!' YEE
'-- girl!' ATTA
'-- Kangaroo Down Sport', TIEME
'Fame' star Cara IRENE
'Heavens!' EGAD
'Prelude -- Kiss' TOA
'You bet!,' in Mexico SISI
-- -jongg MAH
-- -Pitch SLO
-- Tzu (dog) SHIH
--'acte ENTR
Actress Garson GREER
Aleve target ACHE
Andre of tennis AGASSI
Arena event GAME
Bank, often LENDER
Be partial to LIKE
Belafonte or Lewis SHARI
Bell-ringing method? PEALSYSTEM
Big drinks taken on a veranda? PORCHSWIGS
Big-screen theater IMAX
Bill killer VETO
Birthplace of Starbucks SEATTLE
Block brand LEGO
Bogot‡ bear OSO
Brick baker KILN
Bungle FLUB
By means of VIA
Carpet RUG
Cheese-topped seafood? BRIESHRIMP
City with rapid population growth BOOMTOWN
Cobbler-filled woodland? PIEFOREST
Common VCR format VHS
Compadre PAL
Cooties LICE
De-crease IRON
Delhi wear SARI
Dick Tracy's sweetheart TESS
Dogs from Japan AKITAS
Downhiller's gear SKIS
Drag to court SUE
Dune buggy, e.g., briefly ATV
Dylan who hosts MSNBC's 'Morning Meeting' RATIGAN
Eisenhower, familiarly IKE
Engraver ETCHER
Et -- (and others) ALIA
Expert tennis server ACER
Exploitation USE
Fence stake PICKET
Foot part INSTEP
Foundry workers' mind-reading? METALTELEPATHY
French painter Jean ARP
Gearwheel tooth COG
Genders SEXES
Golfing goal PAR
Grand total SUM
Gung-ho on INTO
Gushing flow ONRUSH
H.H. Munro's pen name SAKI
Hack down HEW
Hankering ITCH
High crags TORS
Hoops legend -- Abdul-Jabbar KAREEM
In reserve ASIDE
Infant's sock BOOTIE
IRS employees' physiques? TREASURYBODS
Is in a play ACTS
Israeli port HAIFA
Japanese for 'yes' HAI
Jet spewer GEYSER
Jug handle EAR
Kenya loc. AFR
La Brea -- Pits TAR
Largest known dwarf planet ERIS
Leg, for one LIMB
Like nos. below zero NEG
Like some smudges INKY
Mae's hairpiece? THEWESTWIG
Make happy ELATE
Make livid ENRAGE
Manicurist's tool NAILFILE
Metrical foot IAMB
Militarize ARM
Military off. ENS
Mirthful flying insect active in spring? MERRYMOTHOFMAY
Moore of 'Disclosure' DEMI
Moved like a night crawler WORMED
Multistory shrine PAGODA
Murals, e.g. ART
Muzzle part NOSE
Nasal wall SEPTUM
Neighbor of Costa Rica PANAMA
News pieces ITEMS
Normandy town STLO
Not a copy: Abbr. ORIG
Novelist Segal ERICH
Oil-rich land IRAN
On a ship ATSEA
Opposed AVERSE
Part of NNE EAST
Perlman of 'Cheers' RHEA
Picture SEE
Pops' bros UNCS
Put on DON
Resembling a certain fruit PEARSHAPED
Revered Fr. woman STE
Reviews one's fib? GOESOVERTHELIE
Revolution-era loyalist TORY
River mouth features DELTAS
Running shoe brand ETONIC
Saintly signs HALOES
Seeing pair EYES
Seized auto, say REPO
Sickly pale WAN
Situation when a date is scheduled to induce labor? BIRTHDAYPRESET
Sky light STAR
Sly plans SCHEMES
Sporty Toyota SUPRA
State of fury IRE
Stephen of the Supreme Court BREYER
Sweater flaw SNAG
Sword type EPEE
Take the blame humbly EATDIRT
Tardy LATE
The Green Hornet's sidekick KATO
Three-layer cookie OREO
Three-piece suit piece VEST
Throw out, with 'of' DISPOSE
Thumb (through) RIFFLE
Tidy up text EDIT
Tooth coat ENAMEL
Tot's bed CRIB
Tracking devices RADARS
Vanity EGO
Very arid SAHARAN
Was nuts about LOVED
When a computer is functional UPTIME
Where 88-Downs are worn INDIA
Whole bunch SLEW
Winsome CUTE
Worked as a short-order cook all of one's days? FRIEDFORLIFE
Workplace watchdog org. OSHA
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