How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate Jan 13 2019

'21 Grams' actor Sean penn
'Encore!' more
'Our Lady' of churches stmary
'Sands of — Jima' iwo
'Science Guy' of TV nye
'Siddhartha' author Hermann hesse
'— and Stitch' lilo
1977 Triple Crown horse seattleslew
Add- — (annexes) ons
Alternatively ifnot
Arthurian wife enid
Arthurian wizard merlin
Artificial false
Assuage allay
Ball field coverer tarp
Beseeches urges
Between urban and country semirural
Big African beast, briefly hippo
Boise setting idaho
Brand of mouthwash scope
Brouhaha ado
Bullring calls oles
Burrito topper salsa
Bygone Swedish car saab
Cage, to his pals nic
Canadian fuel brand esso
Candid frank
Cara of 'Fame' fame irene
City in which quadrennial games take place olympichost
City WNW of Paris rouen
Club game golf
Cocktail at brunch mimosa
Colonel Klink's camp stalag
Cutlass, e.g sword
Dad, in dialect pap
Disguised, in brief incog
Disney World roller coaster spacemountain
Dried up, old-style sere
Email giggle lol
Enervate sap
Favre of football brett
Felt sickly ailed
Fire remains ashes
Fit — queen fora
Fleecy boot brand ugg
Friendly relationship amity
Gilbert of 'The Talk' sara
Gin flavorer sloe
Go for a dip swim
Go up rise
Go very fast race
Gold-medal skier Phil mahre
Goldie of 'Laugh-In' hawn
Gotten larger grown
Guesses at LGA etas
Gumbo vegetable okra
Had on wore
Hits on the noggin beans
Huge gulf abyss
Humiliate abase
Identify name
Inherent natures essences
Instructive example lesson
It surrounds the South Orkney Islands antarcticocean
Japanese soup paste miso
Jazzy Fitzgerald ella
Join (with) ally
Join (with) team
Ken is one doll
Letter before beth aleph
Little rascal scamp
Local theaters, in slang nabes
Mail status sent
Many a Tony winner actor
Meyers of 'Late Night' seth
Moniker for a 1970s sitcom family bradybunch
Month, in Spain mes
Mosque officiants imams
Muscle twitch spasm
Not iffy sure
Nutrition stat rda
On a plane or train aboard
Oozes seeps
Outward expressions miens
Paramecium hairs cilia
PDQ cousin asap
Pile of trash garbageheap
Port of Japan osaka
Provisos ifs
Pub missiles darts
Pupil setting iris
Purple blooms lilacs
R2-D2 and others robots
Rams' partners ewes
RandB singer James etta
Refrain bit tra
Retired jet since '03 sst
Reviewer of tax returns auditor
Rousted woke
Sacred song psalm
Sacred song motet
Scant meager
Sea cargo weight unit freightton
Secy., e.g asst
See 116-Across oreo
See 117-Across india
Sharp, broken-off piece splinter
Shinbone tibia
Skin-related dermal
Slimy garden pest slug
Smile widely grin
Smileys' opposites sadfaces
Some babes in the woods wolfcubs
Spill the secret blab
Starbucks offering latte
Statement about the end of each of nine answers in this puzzle itmeansalot
Statistic associated with plane riders passengerload
Stinging hits slaps
Stuff in gunpowder niter
Successor of Claudius I nero
Thorns in one's side irritants
Threatens to topple teeters
Tinkertoy bits pegs
Title for Ringo Starr as of 2018 sir
Tongue-lash flay
TV's Arnaz desi
Twin of Jacob esau
Two-gender pronoun heshe
Unit of pressure pascal
UNLV part las
Utopian site eden
Vassals lieges
Ventilates airs
Viking 1 landing site mars
Walk heavily stomp
Whitewater transport inflatableraft
Winona of 'Beetlejuice' ryder
With 118-Across, bite-size Nabisco cookie mini
With 70-Across, Taj Mahal locale agra
Words after two or hole inone
Wrinkled citrus fruit ugli
Zest elan
— carte ala
— colada pina
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