How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate Jan 03 2010

'-- -ching!' CHA
'-- Blu Dipinto di Blu' (song also known as 'Volare') NEL
'-- la vie!' CEST
'-- quote ...' ANDI
'-- tree falls in the forest ...' IFA
'-- Yankee Doodle Dandy' IMA
'-- your life!' NOTON
'... -- it would seem' ORSO
'... his wife could -- lean' EATNO
'A thousand pardons' SOSORRY
'Big Mouth' Martha RAYE
'Climb -- Mountain' ('The Sound of Music' song) EVRY
'Dies --' (hymn) IRAE
'Lord, is --?' ITI
'My Family' actress Bibi BESCH
'No more delaying!' THETIMEISNOW
'Old MacDonald' sequence found in this puzzle's 10 longest answers EIEIO
'Stick -- in me, I'm done!' AFORK
'Yes, honey' OKDEAR
-- -Blo fuse SLO
-- -Cat SNO
-- -panky HANKY
-- blaster (boom box) GHETTO
-- Nevada mountains SIERRA
1913-21 White House occupant PRESIDENTWILSON
Actress Singer of 'Footloose' LORI
Actress Van Devere TRISH
Affection LOVE
Ambassador EMISSARY
And others in a footnote, ETALII
Author Leon URIS
Aware of WISETO
Bartered TRADED
Been in bed LAIN
Belgian city YPRES
Big cat's lair DEN
Brand of shaving products AFTA
Brouhahas ADOS
Canadian singing star CELINEDION
Car fluid GAS
Chew the fat CHAT
City in Italia TRENTO
Come into view again REEMERGE
Committee PANEL
Confused ASEA
Court plea, briefly NOLO
Curtis Mayfield's group, once THEIMPRESSIONS
Cut off LOP
D.C. hrs. EST
Different aspect NEWDIMENSION
Discharged things EMISSIONS
Discoverer of Vinland LEIFERICSON
Donate 10% TITHE
Draws by suction ASPIRATES
Earth: Prefix GEO
Fall asleep NODOFF
God of 1-Down AMOR
Happen next ENSUE
Haying machines BALERS
Herb or tree PLANT
Hobgoblin ELF
Horse-hoof tender SHOER
In a foreign country ABROAD
Inner: Prefix ENDO
Is a tributary of, as a river EMPTIESINTO
Italian city known for its cheese PARMA
January, in Spanish ENERO
Kin of 'Oy!' SHEESH
Kind of pudding TAPIOCA
Lend again RELOAN
Letter-shaped bar IBEAM
Made up (for) ATONED
Mil. alliance since 1949 NATO
More eerie CREEPIER
Mothers, in Marseilles MERES
New -- (Enya, e.g.) AGER
Nullifies VOIDS
Of a clan TRIBAL
Off the -- path BEATEN
Old NBC legal drama LALAW
Onion's kin LEEK
OR figures DRS
Pale-faced ASHEN
Peter of TV news ARNETT
Phil Silvers' TV sergeant ERNIEBILKO
PIN requirer ATM
Pollution-fighting gp. EPA
Poppa DAD
Pre- -- (takes the place of) EMPTS
Prefix with present OMNI
Rapper Dr. -- DRE
Relative of a musical OPERETTA
Rob or Laura of sitcomdom PETRIE
Seat of New Jersey's Passaic County PATERSON
See 105-Down EGO
See 41-Down MCEWAN
See 69-Across VERA
Serenade SINGTO
Ski run, e.g. TRAIL
Small fly-catching bird PEWEE
Small furniture set for mealtime DINETTE
Smelled bad REEKED
Sounds off RANTS
Spins a floating log BIRLS
Spoils ROTS
Suffix for left IST
Surrealist Salvador DALI
Tabby's cry MEOW
Tears into HASAT
The girl HER
The Old Sod ERIN
ThinkPad developer IBM
Thread type LISLE
Time chunks ERAS
Tiny: Prefix MICR
To the point TERSE
Treeless plain STEPPE
Tribute HOMAGE
Turned to BECAME
Unduly hasty RASH
United ONE
Up to, briefly TIL
Uptight state SNIT
Victory WIN
Wife of Osiris ISIS
With 18-Down second self, ALTER
With 52-Down, natural salve ALOE
With 98-Down, 'Atonement' novelist IAN
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