How many letters in the Answer?

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'After that ...' then
'Beat it, kid!' gohome
'I meant someone else' notyou
'The — Cometh' iceman
'This is so frustrating!' gah
'Yo te —' amo
'— -di-dah!' lah
'— -haw!' yee
6/6/44 dday
A handsome Greek god put half-and-half in his coffee? apollocreamed
Actor Guinness alec
Actor Patel dev
Actor Ralph having reached a saloon's counter? bellamyuptothebar
Actor Ziering ian
Actress Chaplin oona
Adult males men
Ages on end eons
Archer's skill aim
Architect Saarinen eero
Assists helps
Audience extras encores
Back area rear
Ball balancer tee
Belgium's capital brussels
British rocker Brian eno
Broadway star Rivera chita
By wagering onabet
Chi-Town daily paper trib
Clothes garb
Cold carnival treats snocones
Colonel North, briefly ollie
Corn bases cobs
Cornhusk-wrapped treats found in an underground vault? tamalesfromthecrypt
Corrosive cleansers lyes
Cronus' wife rhea
Damage a bit mar
Despot of old tsar
Docs' org ama
Doubled radius of a toy on a string? yoyodiameter
Entraps hemsin
Feasted ate
Foreshadow bode
Former flying inits twa
French city arles
Gangster Bugsy siegel
Gas suffix ane
Go astray err
Graynor of 'The Sitter' ari
Group journey that has made everyone really hungry? famishingexpedition
Group of truck drivers who were once in the same college fraternity? betateamsters
Hankering yen
Ibsen's '— Gabler' hedda
Illuminated like old streets gaslit
In a single try atonego
Incriminated dancer Ginger with false evidence? framedrogers
Intro studio course arti
Inuit-language word for 'house' iglu
Iowa's tree oak
Israeli airline elal
Japanese noodle soba
KOA patron rver
Kuwaiti rulers emirs
Lend — (listen) anear
Let — sigh outa
Licked parts of envelopes flaps
Matriarch dame
Maui porch lanai
Meg of film ryan
Memo starter attn
Memo starter asto
Mini-plateau mesa
Monks' home abbey
Nabisco treats oreos
Negative particle anion
Nev. neighbor cal
Nev. neighbor ore
Newsy bits items
Night before eve
Ninth Muslim month ramadan
Not go right or straight while driving makealeftturn
Oklahoma city tulsa
Old Dodge omni
Old term for margarine oleo
Oscar winner, e.g awardee
Paper unit sheet
Petri dish gel agar
Pin to hang a chapeau on hatpeg
Pince- — nez
Pitch a tent camp
Pixieish one elf
Pizazz elan
Plant used to make tequila agave
Pony pattern roan
Popeye's gal oyl
Possible cause of sneezing headcold
Psychic glow aura
Pt. of NATO org
Qatari port doha
Real thing entity
Really suffer agonize
Renowned noted
Rhine feeder ruhr
Rice — (cereal) chex
Rod go-with reel
Roman wrap toga
Ruby, e.g red
Santa — (hot winds) anas
Scholars' milieu academia
SEALs' mil. branch usnavy
See 56-Across iam
Shoe retailer ecco
Singer Emmylou harris
Singer Sumac yma
Single-celled creature amoeba
Small chirp peep
Small error slip
Some math specialists geometricians
Sooner than, in sonnets ere
Spanish river ebro
Spokane-to-Boise dir sse
Stephen of film rea
Suffix with brilliant ine
Supported stoodby
Sweetheart lover
Tax-free bond, in brief muni
Temporarily smiling broadly? forthetimebeaming
Tit for — tat
Tony-winning musical performed in France's capital? parishamilton
Tuscany city siena
Utah ski site alta
Valleys glens
Volt-per-ampere unit ohm
Walk- — (no-appointment customers) ins
Walk- — (small roles) ons
Wicked act sin
Wingtip tip toe
Wish to undo rue
With 34-Across, 'Green Eggs and Ham' character sam
Yoga pad mat
— funk (sad) ina
— Haute, Indiana terre
— worse than death afate
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