How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate Dec 26 2010

'Chariots of Fire' executive producer Fayed DODI
'Diamond Lil star West' MAE
'General' on Chinese menus TSO
'Law & Order: --' (TV spinoff) SVU
'Let It --' (1960 song) BEME
'Married ... With Children' actress Amanda BEARSE
'Rising Sun' novelist Michael CRICHTON
'The Steve Allen Show' comedian LOUISNYE
-- -Z (totally) ATO
-- and every EACH
-- Tzu SHIH
--'wester SOU
100-eyed giant of myth ARGUS
Anvil users SMITHS
Apple waste STEM
At an earlier time SOONER
Back muscle, briefly LAT
Backwoods residents RURALS
Bad-weather cancellation RAINOUT
Baglike body part SAC
Be a harshly critical atheist? SLAMRELIGION
Become thinner, as air RAREFY
Bedouin, e.g. ARAB
Camera protector LENSCAP
Carol Burnett role EUNICE
Cashed in REDEEMED
Charged, as particles IONIC
Chaucer bit TALE
Claw, e.g. NAIL
Clinton aide Magaziner IRA
Colorful ring of the eye AREOLA
Confront boldly ACCOST
Contract terms? DEALCONDITIONS
Corporate coupling MERGER
Counterparts of faunae FLORAE
Coup -- DETAT
Defamatory remarks uttered on ocean cruises? PACIFICSLANDER
E-mail scam? COMPUTERCON
Ear-related AURAL
Eats heartily FEASTS
Equine animal HORSE
Equine animal ASS
Farther north UPPER
Fiends' looks SNEERS
Fly planes AVIATE
Football bowl locales ARENAS
France loc. EUR
Full ranges GAMUTS
Gas pump number OCTANE
Goat-man of myth FAUN
Greek letters PIS
Greek love god EROS
Have -- with (be favored by) ANIN
Hidden supplies STASHES
Himalayan hulk YETI
House-keeping women MADAMS
Ill-defined VAGUE
Ill-willed HOSTILE
In history AGO
In readiness ONTAP
In the least ONEBIT
Is made up (of) CONSISTS
It keeps things going INERTIA
Jacob's biblical twin ESAU
Join for military service ENLISTIN
Juan's 'that' ESA
Kids' retreat DAYCAMP
Kin of equi- ISO
Kiss lightly PECK
Lab solvent ACETONE
Lauder of makeup ESTEE
Lean Cuisine eater, maybe DIETER
Least adorned BAREST
Leprechaun land EIRE
Lincoln's bill FIVE
Louse-to-be NIT
Made tough STEELED
Math course TRIG
Mavens PROS
Milkers tug on them UDDERS
Monitor spec RES
Mosque tower MINARET
Mount where Noah landed ARARAT
Mrs. Andy Capp FLO
Municipal law: Abbr. ORD
Mystery writer -- Stanley Gardner ERLE
No longer burdened by FREEOF
Opposite of down: Abbr. ACR
Painter Mondrian PIET
Paris's -- Triomphe ARCDE
Permanently marking actor Silver? BRANDINGRON
Playground retort ISTOO
Post-OR site ICU
Pre-winter injection FLUSHOT
Prefix with intestinal GASTRO
Providence-Boston dir. NNE
Purge RID
Raw rocks ORES
Reagan's gp. GOP
Rebuke for Fido BADDOG
Red-underlined book heading RUBRIC
Retaliate GETEVEN
Reveals LETSON
Revered beetles SCARABS
Rib-eyes, e.g. STEAKS
Roman odist HORACE
Royal rod SCEPTER
Runs against OPPOSES
Sch. near the Rio Grande UTEP
Seasoned seafarer OLDSALT
Sgt., say NCO
She loved Aeneas DIDO
Sicilian smoker ETNA
Singer Kristofferson KRIS
Songlike ARIOSO
Speaking aces ORATORS
Stay behind REMAIN
Stretchy TENSILE
Suffix with Edom ITE
Suppositions IFS
Surgeon's knife LANCET
Surprised exclamations OHS
Swelled head EGO
Tables and chairs used by large parrots? KEAFURNITURE
Tallies anew READDS
Tandoor-baked bread NAN
Tickled pink PLEASED
Transport scoundrels in U-Hauls? VANTHETERRIBLE
Twelve p.m. NOONTIME
Univ. URL ender EDU
Uranus' largest moon TITANIA
Volkswagen sedan PASSAT
Wee lake POND
Willa Cather title heroine ANTONIA
Wizard with more clever spells? THESHARPERMAGE
WWII morale booster USO
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