How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate Dec 25 2005

'-- Howser, M.D.' DOOGIE
'-- Johnny!' HERES
'-- know you?' DOI
'... -- iron bars a cage' NOR
'Java' trumpeter ALHIRT
'Later on' NOTNOW
'Rats!' SHOOT
'Sure thing!' YES
78-Down, in Dijon OUI
Actor Clooney's ill temper? GEORGESNASTINESS
Actor Davis OSSIE
Actor Neeson LIAM
Adams or Falco EDIE
Affectedly refined LADIDA
Ammo dumps ARSENALS
An Ivy Leaguer ELI
Anderson of 'Baywatch' PAMELA
Andy's buddy AMOS
Approve OKAY
Archaic verb ending ETH
Ave. crossers RDS
Banjo sound TWANG
Bathsheba's husband URIAH
Before, in an ode ERE
Black gold OIL
Braves pitcher Warren SPAHN
Bringing action against SUING
Broadway actors' entry points? ONSTAGEINGRESSES
Can't help but NEEDSTO
Card pack DECK
Carried on RAVED
Cassiterite and stannite, e.g. TINORES
Certain dir. NNE
Charlotte of 'The Facts of Life' RAE
Columbia's org. NASA
Combine UNITE
Consequently ERGO
Curses out SWEARSAT
Daytime drama SOAP
Directional PC key LEFTARROW
Doesn't include OMITS
Down Under birds EMUS
Ephedra-banning org. FDA
Fern leaves FRONDS
Fiendish females' immunity triggers? OGRESSESANTIGENS
Figure skater Midori ITO
First-born SENIOR
Flat-fixing gp. AAA
Flesh and blood KIN
Fossil fuel freighter COALER
Galoots APES
Gator's kin CROC
Ghana locale AFRICA
Gormandized ATE
Gp. symbolized by an elephant GOP
Hideous UGLY
Hit CBS series CSI
Hockey's Bobby ORR
Holiday phrase anagrammed seven times in this puzzle SEASONSGREETINGS
Horned goddess ISIS
Humorist Barry DAVE
I, to Freud EGO
Includes HAS
Joshing occupies one's full attention? TEASINGENGROSSES
Klondike transports SLEDS
Label TAG
Lays (down) PUTS
Lead-in for sci or grip POLI
Luau paste POI
Lunch leftover ORT
Middlemen AGENTS
Military denial NOSIR
Moniker, in Metz NOM
Monster's loch NESS
Morales of movies ESAI
Most elegant CLASSIEST
Neighbor of Chad NIGER
Neighbor of Vietnam CHINA
New Mexico ski spot TAOS
Ninny ASS
Norse god ODIN
Occupied BUSY
One of the Allman Brothers GREGG
Overcast CLOUDY
Pan-fry SAUTE
Part of speech WORD
Part of speech NOUN
Peacekeeping gp. NATO
Pile up AMASS
Plays the role of ACTSAS
Poet Bradstreet ANNE
Pop singer Moyet ALISON
Positive vote YEA
Psychic gift ESP
Pub portion PINT
Quartets doubled OCTETS
Racketeer's single-piece wear? GANGSTERSONESIES
Rarin' to go EAGER
Richard of 'King David' GERE
Robert De -- NIRO
Salon dyes HENNAS
Says another way REPHRASES
Scottish refusal NAE
Sea call SOS
Sea-green AQUA
Seamless transition SEGUE
See 6-Down AUDIT
Show disdain for saturation? SNEERATSOGGINESS
Sigh in a hot tub AAH
Socialite Maxwell ELSA
Stockpiles car motors? STORESGASENGINES
Stowe villain Simon LEGREE
Stun gun sound ZAP
Suffers AILS
Suppressing SMOTHERING
T-bone, e.g. STEAK
Tallinn's land ESTONIA
Test-drive car DEMO
The Lone Ranger, a.k.a. 'Kemo --' SABE
The Philippines are part of it EASTINDIA
Theatrical entertainer ARTISTE
Ticked away ELAPSED
Titled women DAMES
To-do STIR
TV's Remington STEELE
Ukraine port ODESSA
Uses a trowel DIGS
Ventilate AIROUT
Vote into office ELECT
Wacky comic Philips EMO
Waistband SASH
Webzine EMAG
With 69-Across, taxpayer's dread IRS
Zsa Zsa's sis EVA
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