How many letters in the Answer?

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'Curses!' drat
'Feels so nice!' ahh
'Grand' hotel hyatt
'Hmm, I guess so' ohok
'If — a Hammer' ihad
'Say again?' huh
'Say it — so!' aint
'Zip- — -Doo-Dah' adee
'— -haw!' (rodeo yell) yee
'— boy!' atta
12, on a sundial xii
1970s Chevy nova
1983 comedy with Mr. T dccab
A Gershwin brother ira
A, in Italy una
Abbr. on a bounced check nsf
Act of exiting egress
Actor Kilmer val
Admiral Graf — (German warship) spee
Aides: Abbr assts
Album's first half sidea
Author Rand ayn
Baby buggy, to Brits pram
Big rabbit feature ear
Big vases urns
Boat mover oar
Boxer Clay, later ali
British prime minister May theresa
Bursts (with) teems
Cab Calloway catchphrase hideho
Clic — (Bic brand) stic
Clorox, e.g bleach
Co.'s top dog ceo
Color shade hue
Common folks masses
Curse oath
Doctors' gp ama
Doctors' gps hmos
Downhillers, e.g skiers
Drain-clearing stuff lye
Drifting sort hobo
Dwells lives
Email, e.g message
End of the riddle whattookplace
English prep school eton
Enzyme-name suffix ase
Fall Classic mo oct
Fish in a Pixar title nemo
For a spell awhile
Gasoline additive ethyl
Gen. Lee's side: Abbr csa
Generous type sharer
Grandiosity pomp
Gretel's brother hansel
Half-pint runt
Hall's pop partner oates
Having no 131-Across opentop
Here, in Le Havre ici
Historic span era
In favor of for
In the past once
Indian language hindi
Is no longer was
It follows '//' in a URL www
It's west of Colombia panama
Label tag
Lacks entity isnt
Like Afghans woolen
Like pop flies arced
Loses one's hair goesbald
Lovingly, to a musician amoroso
Lurches from side to side careens
Magazine agent's success adsale
Magazine or book divs pgs
Make — in (begin working on) adent
Mao — -tung tse
Merman of song ethel
Metal source ore
Mouselike animal vole
Moves like a dog's tail wags
Nearly massless particle neutrino
Not guaranteed only to float sinkable
Not too swift slowish
Of the past olden
Old lovers exes
Page of 'Juno' ellen
Painter's undercoat sealer
PC combo key ctrl
Peak: Abbr mtn
Peppery hot
Portable grill hibachi
Public scandal affair
Question to an unknown caller whoisthis
Quick race dash
Resident of Riyadh saudi
Riddle's answer edtoedcompetition
Riddle, part 2 personalities
Riddle, part 3 sullivanandmcmahon
Riddle, part 4 decidedthattheyshould
Riddle, part 5 challengeeachotherina
Riddle, part 6 showhostingcontest
Rock's Brian eno
Run — (buy drinks on credit) atab
Sandbar shoal
Sarajevo locale bosnia
Say again echo
Sci-fi author Stanislaw lem
See 38-Down fog
See 74-Down ness
Sewing case etui
Shed skin or feathers molt
Shikoku sash obi
Shocks stuns
Sicilian erupter etna
Sickly ill
Similar to ala
Siouan tribe member oto
Ski cottage lodge
Slack-jawed feeling awe
Sleep study acronym rem
Slightly built slim
Small kid tot
Small peeves nits
Smiled villainously sneered
Some overcrowded houses tenements
Some vipers asps
Start of a riddle whenthetelevision
Sugar-name suffix ose
Title for Lancelot sir
Tolkien meanies orcs
Top of a car roof
Total failure debacle
Transparent sheer
Vie for the love of woo
Wading bird crane
Wall — (financial district employee) streeter
Water, in Vichy eau
With 130-Across, home of a Scottish 'monster' loch
With 22-Across, spaced out ina
— -pah-pah oom
— Field (Mets' home) citi
— Stone (hieroglyphic discovery) rosetta
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