How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate Dec 13 2015

'E pluribus --' UNUM
'Exodus' author Leon URIS
'Fame' singer Irene CARA
'Fear Factor' host Joe ROGAN
'For pity's --!' SAKE
'Ghost Hunters' channel SYFY
'Give -- call sometime' MEA
'Men in Black' role AGENTK
'Peek- --' ABOO
'Spare tire' FLAB
'Well well!' OHO
-- Romeo ALFA
1954 Gene Kelly musical BRIGADOON
1960s TV's -- May Clampett ELLY
Actor Alan ARKIN
Actor Erwin STU
Allied (with) SIDED
Alternative to a street address: Abbr POBOXNO
Arbitrarily chosen family member of the star of 'Fatso'? RANDOMDELUISE
Aussie 'Hi!' GDAY
Avant- -- GARDE
Barely-there beachwear BIKINI
Baseball's 'Big Ed' WALSH
Beach headwear SUNHAT
Bit of trickery RUSE
Blurts out BLABS
Boxes up ENCASES
Boxing spots RINGS
Bro's sib SIS
Campus email ending EDU
Cello bow application ROSIN
Chef's wear APRON
City WNW of Tulsa ENID
Comic actor Patton OSWALT
Concerning INRE
Concerning ASTO
Cosmic payback KARMA
D followers EFG
D.J. Casey KASEM
Dada painter ARP
Deposits LAYS
Driven thing CAR
Easy throw TOSS
Edmonton hockey pro OILER
Elevator innovator OTIS
Evil child in 'The Omen' DAMIEN
Farming tool HOE
Feel irate SEETHE
Fir or pine CONIFER
Fuel that always works perfectly? INERRANTGAS
Get in sync ATTUNE
Getting older AGING
GI R&R center USO
Go in again REENTER
Greek letters NUS
Half: Prefix HEMI
Heaven's opposite HELL
Heavens SKIES
Helpful hint TIP
Heroic story SAGA
Hopi maize BLUECORN
Horse-hoof equipper SHOER
Including even the arrest documents? WARRANTSANDALL
Indian bread NAAN
Is ill with HAS
Israeli airline ELAL
Job for someone sorting digging tools? RANKINGOFSPADES
Keenly smart ASTUTE
Let come in ADMIT
Lie ahead AWAIT
Light fight SPAT
Littlest pups RUNTS
Meet in a session SIT
Mitchell's Scarlett OHARA
MoMA part ART
More tired WEARIER
Nail-file stuff EMERY
Neither's go-with NOR
No, in Ulm NEIN
Not a thing NIL
Off course ASTRAY
Offsetting IRS amount TAXCREDIT
Old GM make GEO
One dubbing NAMER
One of Chekhov's 'Three Sisters' IRINA
Ones staring EYERS
Oversee MANAGE
Palmer of golf, to pals ARNIE
Paris hub ORLY
Pirate chant opener YOHO
Pit viper, e.g SNAKE
Prayer starter OGOD
Prefix with athlete TRI
Prefix with electric HYDRO
Protection AEGIS
Put -- in one's ear ABUG
Rakish man ROUE
Raven cries CAWS
Ravens' org NFL
Redhead at Mel's Diner FLO
Reply to a query about a small raisin variety? CURRANTRESPONSE
Retail outlet SHOP
Retail outlet STORE
Retro record OLDIE
Revise, as a manuscript EMEND
Rhine temptress LORELEI
Roman robe TOGA
Rover's rope LEASH
Rube played by Red Skelton CLEM
Sailor's drink GROG
Satirist Freberg STAN
Secret rendezvous TRYST
Seed cover ARIL
She baas EWE
Singer Bonnie RAITT
Sirius, e.g STAR
Snitch TELL
Sophia of the screen LOREN
Spying tool TAP
Sri -- LANKA
Sugary food SWEETS
That is, to Tacitus IDEST
The same: Prefix ISO
Tightrope-walking need BALANCE
Tiny neighbor of Spain ANDORRA
Tiny trail follower ANT
Title of a how-to book on delivering a tirade? THEHARANGUE
Tivoli's Villa d'-- ESTE
Two-time French Open winner Bruguera SERGI
Verbal digs BARBS
Wanted felon OUTLAW
What a scientific computer program might do? HOLDTHEFORTRAN
Where MoMA is NYC
Wipe clean ERASE
Worker making barrels for a farm storehouse? GRANARYCOOPER
X-ray units RADS
Yaks it up GABS
Zoo bellow ROAR
Zulu or Hutu BANTU
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