How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate Aug 17 2008

'-- got it!' IVE
'-- over!' ITS
'Ad -- per aspera (Kansas motto)' ASTRA
'Boy, am -- to see you!' IGLAD
'Burnt' color SIENNA
'Ecstasy' star Hedy LAMARR
'Green Acres' co-star EVAGABOR
'Leaving -- Vegas' LAS
'N -- (boy band) SYNC
'Ora pro --' NOBIS
'Rock and Roll, Hoochie --' (1974 song) KOO
'There -- stupid questions' ARENO
'Yes, we should!' LETS
'You -- Beautiful' ARESO
-- Spumante (sparkling wine) ASTI
-- time (not once) ATNO
A-F linkup BCDE
Abhor HATE
Actress Hayek SALMA
Actress O'Neal TATUM
Attractive personality quality CHARISMA
Aviation pioneer Igor SIKORSKY
Basic bed COT
Bee product HONEY
Biblical trio WISEMEN
Bit of history ERA
Black jellybean flavor LICORICE
Brand of breath mints TICTAC
Bric-a- -- BRAC
Brick oven KILN
Browned bread thrown? TOASTTOSSED
Bumpkin YOKEL
Cabbage salad COLESLAW
Cast off skin SHED
Chip dip SALSA
Clamor NOISE
Cold cubes ICE
Conceal a timepiece? CLOAKCLOCK
Condition of equilibrium STASIS
Convictions BELIEFS
Crooner Cooke SAM
Door piece HINGE
Dropout's doc. GED
Dude BRO
Ear-related prefix OTO
Element unit: Abbr. MOL
Excedrin alternative ALEVE
Far out from the shore DEEPSEA
Fencing sword EPEE
Feudal lord's building projection? LIEGELEDGE
Fine thread FILAMENT
Five doubled TEN
Fly- -- (airshow thrillers) BYS
Folks marking cattle BRANDERS
French for 'love' AMOUR
Genders SEXES
Get in touch with a miserable soul? REACHWRETCH
Gloria of Latin pop ESTEFAN
Goal of Zen Buddhism SATORI
Golden -- (senior) AGER
Haloed woman: Abbr. STE
Hardship TRIAL
Heartache WOE
Heavy- -- (burdened) LADEN
Hoity- -- TOITY
Impiety SIN
Intelligent Londoner? BRIGHTBRIT
Inventor Howe ELIAS
Is ill with HAS
Island group SE of North Carolina BERMUDAS
Its cap. is Tirana ALB
IV dosage units CCS
Jacob's twin ESAU
Jump in a rink AXEL
L.A.'s region SOCAL
LAPD title DET
Large-eyed primate LEMUR
Lean against RESTON
Left slack-jawed AWED
Less loony SANER
Like lemons TART
Many trendy health food items ORGANICS
Marina del -- REY
Marriage UNION
Mideastern coin RIAL
Mix up ADDLE
Move through mud SLOSH
Munster lad EDDIE
Musical insensitivity TINEAR
Napoleonic exile isle ELBA
Of birth NATAL
Oom- -- PAH
Outer: Prefix ECT
Ovid's 1,007 MVII
Pal of Happy DOPEY
Party card game cry UNO
Persuade SWAY
Photo -- (publicity events) OPS
Pile of T-bones? STEAKSTACK
PLO leader Mahmoud ABBAS
Pond growth ALGAE
Postures STANCES
Premiere DEBUT
Put a supporting device on a trumpet? BRACEBRASS
Realizes SEES
Really must NEEDSTO
Rent to -- OWN
Resting ATEASE
Rolls of film REELS
Sailboat types YAWLS
Satisfactory in every respect ALLOK
Sled dog HUSKY
Slimy gunk GOO
Small incision? SLIGHTSLIT
Spanish vacation site ISLA
Spice rack staple MACE
Storage bin for liquor? HOOCHHUTCH
Stretchy fabric LYCRA
Suffix with vocal IST
Table crumb ORT
Tell (on) RAT
Tiny laugh TEHEE
Trunks of human bodies TORSI
Tune for two DUET
Verdugo of Hollywood ELENA
Very, musically ASSAI
Voiced SAID
Walked like a baby TODDLED
Wheelie done on a tot's transport? TRIKETRICK
Whisk, e.g. BEATER
Wiggling fish EELS
Wild West show RODEO
Win back RECOUP
Winter begins with one SOLSTICE
Wisconsin city OSHKOSH
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