How many letters in the Answer?

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'Just playin' with ya' IKID
'No it --!' ISNT
-- Cruces LAS
-- New Guinea PAPUA
1986 memoir by singer Turner ITINA
1990s cardio fad TAEBO
2002 baseball-themed film THEROOKIE
3.26 light-years PARSEC
450, in old Rome CDL
According to ALA
Actor Foxx REDD
Adriatic, e.g SEA
Aged, once OLDE
Alternatives to Maseratis FERRARIS
Amount of groceries, say BAGFUL
Any point of the compass RHUMB
Apple computer webcam ISIGHT
Baby sock BOOTEE
Bad-mouth DIS
Bamboozle CON
Bodily trunk TORSO
Bolshevik, e.g LENINIST
Boxer Johansson INGEMAR
Business run by the poet who wrote 'The Shooting of Dan McGrew'? SERVICEORGANIZATION
Busy as -- ABEE
Caesar of old TV SID
Cards' cost ANTE
Carry out kind acts DOGOOD
Caution given by the poet who wrote 'The Road Not Taken'? FROSTWARNING
Co. division DEPT
Comedian Gilda RADNER
Compound with two or more amino acids PEPTIDE
Concerning ASTO
Conga's kin SAMBA
Contest form ENTRY
Cool, 1940s-style HEP
Cotton seed removers GINS
Cuba's Castro RAUL
Curly-leaved salad green ENDIVE
Curved ARCED
Curved fastening bar UBOLT
D.C. figure SEN
Decides OPTS
Denver university REGIS
Distorts SKEWS
Drab shade OLIVE
Drink suffix ADE
Enter GOIN
FBI action RAID
Fisher of fashion EILEEN
Food energy used by the poet who wrote 'To a Mouse'? BURNSCALORIES
Fruit seed PIT
Fuel brand in Canada ESSO
Funeral box CASKET
Garden State capital TRENTON
German car make OPEL
Give a title to NAME
Grid of fine lines in an optical instrument's focus RETICLE
Hair-care brand TRESEMME
Having a bill BEAKED
Henri's head TETE
Hide-hair link NOR
High-priority task MUSTDO
Holiday tree decoration hung by the poet who wrote 'The Song of the Shirt'? HOODORNAMENT
Horror film lab helper IGOR
Hound doc VET
Hwy. felony DUI
In base eight OCTAL
Irish Rose's lover ABIE
Israel's language HEBREW
Jai-alai cry OLE
Japanese prime minister Shinzo ABE
June gems PEARLS
Koko, e.g APE
Kylo -- ('Star Wars' villain) REN
Like sun visors ANTIGLARE
Line div SEG
Lovett of country rock LYLE
M.D. type ENT
Mardi Gras locale LOUISIANA
Marinara cooked by the poet who wrote 'Aurora Leigh'? BROWNINGSAUCE
Mark with surface ridges STRIATE
Money made by the poet who wrote 'In a Station of the Metro'? POUNDSTERLING
More obtuse DENSER
Most ventilated AIRIEST
Moving shakily DODDERING
Noah's boat ARK
Norman in 'Psycho' BATES
Novelist Packer ANN
Off the mark INERROR
Old Plymouth VOLARE
One of the 12 apostles STPETER
Optional course ELECTIVE
Painter James ENSOR
Pats' goals TDS
Pindar verse ODE
Pop heroes IDOLS
Port on the Danube ULM
Promises ASSURES
Puente of mambo TITO
Purge RID
Reef ring ATOLL
Reliant (on) DEPENDENT
Resistance units OHMS
Sacked out ABED
Scarer's cry BOO
See 115-Down ASSETS
Sherlock Holmes' pal WATSON
Shoe part INSTEP
Simoleons CLAMS
Singer Branigan LAURA
Singer DiFranco ANI
Skunk mark STRIPE
Smithies' blocks ANVILS
Soccer star PELE
Switchboard worker reached by the poet who wrote 'The Bridge'? CRANEOPERATOR
Tactfulness FINESSE
Tennis hitting technique TOPSPIN
Threshold EDGE
Tirana is its cap ALB
Toronto-to-D.C. dir SSE
Town square PLAZA
Trial blast ATEST
Tromps (on) TREADS
TV's Arthur BEA
Twisty paths ESSES
Venetian painter TITIAN
Vigoda and Fortas ABES
Wise goddess ATHENA
With 121-Across, company's worth after liabilities NET
Witty bits PUNS
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