How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate Apr 23 2006

'-- Beso' (Paul Anka song) ESO
'-- the opinion ...' (viewpoint opener) IAMOF
'-- Wiedersehen!' AUF
'Believe it --!' ORNOT
'Father of Art Deco' ERTE
'Haven't -- before?' WEMET
'I caught you!' AHA
'It's --, son!' AJOKE
'No' voters NAYS
-- Cruces LAS
--sheepdog SHETLAND
A-E linkup BCD
Acid artisan ETCHER
Actress Kudrow LISA
Actress Stone SHARON
African wildlife reserve SERENGETI
Artist's stand EASEL
Bacon or Lamb, e.g. ESSAYIST
Baghdad citizen IRAQI
Ball supporter TEE
Bar in a steering mechanism TIEROD
Barely got, with 'out' EKED
Baseball-themed film of 2002 THEROOKIE
Big bang cause TNT
Big name in cleansers AJAX
Boxing great ALI
Bread type RYE
Busy hosp. areas ERS
Caesar's 1,200 MCC
Calf locale LEG
Capital of Assyria NINEVEH
Captures GETS
Catherine of -- ARAGON
Chills ICES
Church ceremony RITUAL
Civil rights gp. NAACP
Close enough to something to see it glimmer? WITHINSHININGDISTANCE
Cobbler, e.g. PIE
College conferrals DEGREES
Come to light EMERGE
Composer Rorem NED
Conduit DUCT
Cool, to a bebopper HEP
Cross out DELETE
Delighting greatly RAPTURING
Different OTHER
Droops SAGS
Eastern ideal TAO
Emperor of Japan since 1989 AKIHITO
Expertise in pouring tea from a kettle? SPOUTCONTROL
Eye parts with irises UVEAS
Falk or Fonda PETER
Fifer's drum TABOR
Fish with lightly bobbing bait DIB
Formerly ONCE
French magician's shout ETVOILA
Friend of Mozart HAYDN
Fundamentals ABCS
Funeral heap PYRE
Gaze angrily GLARE
Gender SEX
Give up WAIVE
Green of 'Austin Powers' films SETH
Hammer part PEEN
Has it wrong ERRS
Have -- to pick ANIT
Heady brew ALE
Health club class YOGA
Hoggeries STIES
How some topics are debated HOTLY
Item driven by a carpenter SCREW
Its cap. is Jerusalem ISR
Justice Dept. div. FBI
Last words of 'Over the Rainbow' CANTI
Letter-shaped girder HBAR
Like an Adonis, in slang STUDLY
Lion, e.g. CAT
Little laugh SNICKER
Main ideas GISTS
Masonry mortar covered in fleece? SHEEPISHGROUT
Matt of 'Today' LAUER
Menagerie ZOO
Mine vehicle TRAM
Modest skirt MIDI
Morning droplets DEW
Mosaic tile TESSERA
Motorist's gp. AAA
Move in mud SLOSH
Mule's dad ASS
Nephew of Caligula NERO
NFL goals TDS
Novelist Joyce Carol -- OATES
Obligations DUTIES
Oceans SEAS
One of the Furies ALECTO
Painter Henri MATISSE
Part of a steam generator BOILER
Part of E.T. EXTRA
Period in which one uses resources over and over again? RECYCLINGBOUT
Pieces for nine NONETS
Pitcher Maddux GREG
Poet Federico Garcia -- LORCA
Porkers PIGS
Posted in a position STATIONED
Publicly praise a lumberjack? TOUTWOODMAN
Puppy's bite NIP
Put on trial again REHEAR
Really cry SOB
Repetitious learning ROTE
Rev. Jackson JESSE
Riga native LETT
Ring's shape CIRCLE
Rob of 'Silk Stalkings' ESTES
Sacred HOLY
Sailor's song CHANTEY
Sainted second-century pope PIUSI
Santa's admonition to a wrestler? BETTERNOTPIN
Shaken-on agreement DONEDEAL
Sign before Virgo LEO
Singer Melissa ETHERIDGE
Skating jumps AXELS
Small, agile deer ROES
Smudge BLOT
Soldiers GIS
Stars like Antares REDGIANTS
Suffix with 1-Across IST
Sun visor, e.g. EYESHADE
Surprised cries OHS
Tasseled cap FEZ
Taxi charge CABFARE
The same in value EQUAL
Those who abhor HATERS
Toledo-Madrid dir. NNE
Toronto's -- Centre EATON
Tried for a homer BATTED
Undersized RUNTY
Unlock again REOPEN
Very bad reputation INFAMY
Vietnamese statesman who spills the beans? BLABBERMINH
Wallop LICK
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