How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate Apr 20 2008

'-- ask is that ...' ALLI
'-- culpa' MEA
'-- love!' IMIN
'-- meeny ...' EENY
'-- O'Gill and the Little People' (Disney film) DARBY
'Be -- sport!' AGOOD
'Ciao!' kin ADIEU
'Felicity' star Russell KERI
'Hush!' SHH
'That's somebody -- problem' ELSES
'The Four Seasons' composer VIVALDI
-- facto IPSO
-- fixe IDEE
-- Mills (portrait studio) OLAN
-- pork (Chinese dish) MUSHU
-- thing (what's currently stylish) THEIN
-- throat STREP
12/24 and 12/31, e.g. EVES
60 seconds MINUTE
A ten-speed has ten GEARS
Abel's mom EVE
Actor Vigoda ABE
Aetna rival, for short PRU
Africa's Cape -- VERDE
African plain SAVANNA
Apra Harbor's island GUAM
Arafat, e.g. ARAB
Attend GOTO
Bad-mouth SMEAR
Barely earns EKESOUT
Baseball's Speaker TRIS
BBQ entree RIBS
Besmirches STAINS
Book before Obadiah AMOS
Bricklaying material MORTAR
Cager Erving, to fans DRJ
Certain wind instrument OBOE
City bond, for short MUNI
Closed hand FIST
Creators of detailed directories INDEXERS
Crude stuff OIL
Dance company founder Alvin AILEY
Darling DEAR
Describe in words LIMN
Dismounted ALIT
Evaluate ASSESS
Extensive overhauls REDOS
Fall away EBB
Fill the lungs INHALE
Fine rain MIST
First ltr. INIT
Foam-filled SUDSY
Fringes EDGES
Give the once-over EYEUP
Go back REVERT
Greek 'T' TAU
Greek salad cheese FETA
Grow older AGE
Gym units REPS
Hold back REIN
In case it's called for IFNEEDBE
In the center of AMIDST
In-depth study of hissy fits? TANTRUMANALYSIS
Insect eating away at an Academy Award statuette? OSCARTERMITE
Intervenes STEPSIN
Is able to CAN
Is next to ABUTS
Italian tragedienne Duse ELEONORA
Item of value ASSET
KGB's place USSR
Kitchen bulbs from Arizona? PHOENIXONIONS
Lambaste LAYINTO
Laugh sound HAHA
Leotard kin BODYSUIT
Like 1970s styles, now RETRO
Like gut reactions VISCERAL
Luigi's lake LAGO
Lunar New Year holiday TET
Maine seafood LOBSTER
Meeting with a medium SEANCE
Memo's 'by the way' FYI
Mil. officer ENS
Mil. officer SGT
Miles of film SARAH
New Jersey river RARITAN
Nighty-night wear PJS
Noel tree FIR
Not fresh STALE
Not impossible to observe VIEWABLE
October birthstone OPAL
Of the same descent COGNATE
Old Andean INCA
Old Olds REO
On -- with APAR
One of five Norse kings OLAF
Online auction site frequenters EBAYERS
Part of 83-Across EAST
Piano piece ETUDE
Pine flow SAP
Prior to, in odes ERE
Pro-learning org. NEA
Riddle-me- -- REE
Rocky hilltop TOR
Rose of -- SHARON
Rx writer DOC
Sang Alpine-style YODELED
School where two religions are taught? BUDDHAYESHIVA
Scrape off ABRADE
Shoulder gesture SHRUG
Silver-haired GRAY
Silvery-gray ASH
Singer Janis IAN
Some jeans LEES
Sothern and Richards ANNS
Spy org. CIA
Stationary IMMOBILE
Steel girder IBAR
Stopper of organized crime in Seoul? KOREAGANGBUSTER
Suffix with surreal ISM
Swat HIT
Tending to treat badly ABUSIVE
Theda of the silents BARA
They're hidden in this puzzle's seven longest answers USPRESIDENTS
Trick-taking card game SKAT
Trumpet sound BLARE
Twofold DUAL
Ugandan despot Amin IDI
Unnamed person SOMEONE
Up to, briefly TIL
Volcano in Sicily ETNA
Was forced HADTO
Wearing a monk's hood COWLED
Went fast SPED
Wet-weather outerwear RAINCOAT
Wind dir. SSE
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