How many letters in the Answer?

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'2001' studio mgm
'Gladiator' Oscar winner's kin? crowefamily
'House' co-star's estimate? wildeguess
'O Sole —' mio
'Taps' hour ten
'Two Treatises of Government' philosopher making a choice? lockepicking
'Uncle Tom's Cabin' writer not at home? stoweaway
'You Light Up My Life' singer's good friend? boonecompanion
'You Send Me' crooner's preferred cruise destinations? cookeislands
'— Ben Adhem' abou
1998 Angelina Jolie film gia
A little off amiss
AandE part arts
Actor Elliott sam
Aviating guys airmen
Ballgame cry yerout
Baseball's Matty alou
Baseballer Slaughter enos
Because of dueto
Before, to Kipling ere
Black stone onyx
Blast creator tnt
Blizzard stuff snow
Bodily joints elbows
Break in, say enter
Brow curves arcs
Bug in 'A Bug's Life' ant
Camera variety, for short slr
Cards dealt hand
Cartoon skunk Pepé lepew
Close examination of the 'Room at the Top' novelist? brainescan
Coloring stuff dye
Cooing bird pigeon
Crucial key
Declare proclaim
Demands orders
Devilish evil
Diamond official at home plateump
Diving bird loon
Doctor's plan for the author of 'Common Sense'? painetreatment
Drivers' places frontseats
Duel swords epees
Early utopia eden
Endangered rare
Established the tempo for paced
Fife player's drum tabor
Firstborn eldest
Foot with fur paw
Forest home den
French legislature senat
Frothy foamy
Get more profound deepen
Gillette's — II razor trac
Glass of public radio ira
Gmail alternative aol
Google Play purchases apps
Greedy gullet maw
Haloed Fr. woman ste
Heap pile
Help aid
Infant bed crib
Infant sock bootie
Involved with inon
Joins closely weds
Large crowd horde
List units items
Litigious one suer
Lobby gp pac
Location site
Long time age
Long time eon
Longtime SeaWorld whale shamu
Loop of lace picot
Luau favors leis
Lures tempts
Made a new outline of retraced
Makeup of a frozen Arctic cap polarice
Many times o'er oft
Me, to Mimi moi
Mention cite
Mets' old ballpark shea
Mil. VIP gen
Miner's haul ore
Mr. or Dr title
Mushroom ends? ems
Muzzle-loading tool ramrod
Napoleon exile locale elba
Not a copy original
Not crazy sane
Not eternal mortal
Notable acts feats
Obtained cameby
Oodles plenty
Orange-and-black bird oriole
Paris-to-Berlin dir ene
PC b-board admins sysops
Pen filler ink
Photo — ops
Pie serving piece
Pie serving wedge
Pined ached
Pooch checker vet
Product rep salesagent
Quaint ending for 100-Down ess
Queued inline
Real ladies' men romeos
Red fruit for an 'L.A. Law' actress? greeneapple
Salt Lake City team utes
Sci-fi zapper phaser
Sea plea sos
Secondary divinity, in Greek myth daemon
See 114-Down awake
Sent a new invoice to rebilled
Sentence structure syntax
Seraglios harems
Serving perfectly acing
Shaker Lee ann
Singer Mel torme
Smell odor
Smell aroma
Smith and Jones film, for short mib
Soda shop drink frappe
Some of a 'Waltons' actor's furniture? waitetables
Spa sponge loofah
Stop on — adime
Suffix with absurd ity
Sugar suffix ose
Teeny bit iota
The press, TV, etc media
Toon Flanders ned
Top-row PC key esc
Total sum
Toward the rudder aft
Tranquil sedate
Truthful candid
Tulip's kin lily
TV awards emmys
Unpopular plants weeds
Verse creator poet
Warsaw native pole
Water spigot tap
What the penner of 'Tristram Shandy' spoke with? sternevoice
With 67-Down, up and no longer sleepy wide
WWW access inits dsl
Zig or zag swerve
— Bill (Old West hero) pecos
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