How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate Apr 07 2019

'Death Be Not Proud' poet donne
'How — you?' are
'How — you?' could
'I told ya!' hah
'My Way' lyricist Paul anka
'Touched' actor Beatty ned
2001 title role for Audrey Tautou amelie
Adhesive in an art class paste
Airport uniform inits tsa
Apple product ipad
Apple product mac
Bar furniture stool
Basis of this puzzle's theme superheroes
Be really successful batathousand
Best Actor awards, e.g oscars
Blood vessel artery
Brand of root beer barqs
Broadcasting onair
Buzzed tipsy
Certain recyclable plasticbottle
Cow carrier on rails cattlecar
Crank's cry bah
Curved bit arc
Dairy Queen treat icecreamcone
Deli dish slaw
Demand from a kidnapper ransom
Dowel, e.g pin
Drone, e.g bee
Drone, e.g male
Dudes bros
End-of-list abbr etc
Ending for host ess
Eternally, poetically eer
Excess amount surplus
Expectation hope
Fair grade cee
Fave buds bffs
Figs. on a masthead eds
Fire initiator spark
Flan topping caramel
Flee to marry elope
Freshen up renew
From — B ato
Gallic friend ami
German wife frau
Give a hug embrace
Golfer Ernie els
Graceful bird swan
Groups with queens and workers antcolonies
Guide for a DIYer howto
Gulf nation iran
Hank of baseball aaron
Hoarse raspy
It may follow 'Co.' inc
Items in the classifieds wantads
Kit — bar kat
Knife incision slit
Lamb's mom ewe
Lawn locale yard
Lickety-split asap
Like dweebs uncool
Litigant suer
Location area
Location spot
Logger's tool saw
Made a lap sat
Make thrilled elate
March 14, to math lovers piday
Material carried away in a deluge rainwash
Measurable in microns nanoscale
Mobile device worn on the wrist smartwatch
Monica of the court seles
Most docile tamest
Mothers mas
Nita of silent films naldi
Nitric acid, old-style aquafortis
Nobel winner Sadat anwar
Ocean east of N. Car atl
Ocean route seaway
Org.'s kin assn
Ouzo flavorer aniseed
Ozeki's sport sumo
Pack animal mule
Pack animal ass
Part of QED erat
Patriotic ladies' gp dar
Peddle stuff on the street hawkoneswares
Perceives sees
Petroleum distillate used as fuel naphtha
Prior to, to a bard ere
Pro vote aye
Purchaser buyer
Razor-billed seabird auk
Really clean scrub
Remarkable events phenomena
Restaurant rendezvous dinnerdate
Rival of Evander 'The Real Deal' Holyfield ironmiketyson
Salem's state oregon
Sauna alternative steamroom
See 4-Down chic
Sheep sound baa
Showoff's cry tada
Sine — non qua
Slangy refusal nah
Sleep lab study apnea
Smell — (be suspicious) arat
Soda insert straw
Some nameplates plaques
Spanish 'a' una
Spanish coin euro
Spanish wife senora
Speechify orate
Stage array set
Steel girder ibar
Storage site shed
Stores safely stows
Suffix with land or moon scape
Suffix with Midwest ern
Syringe fluid serum
Talk wildly rave
Tax-taking org irs
Tennis great Edberg stefan
The, in Cannes les
Tiny garden pest spidermite
Unaided vision, with 'the' nakedeye
Unassertive timid
Unmoving atrest
URL letters www
Victory triumph
View lustfully leerat
Walk- — (small parts) ons
Wallet bills tens
Wee devils imps
Whole bunch myriad
With 24-Down, organic cotton garb, maybe eco
Witty writer Bombeck erma
Word that can follow the starts of nine answers in this puzzle to make the names of 118-Across man
Xenon and neon gases
— -pedi mani
— a soul (nobody) nary
— bean (risotto bit) fava
— de corps esprit
— Gyra (jazz group) spyro
— IRA roth
— Park, Colorado estes
— terrier (dog breed) skye
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