How many letters in the Answer?

Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate Nov 14 2006

'... ere I saw --' ELBA
... for this ONE
Additionally AND
Bachelor's last utterance IDO
Barnyard noise MOO
Bart and Maggie's sister LISA
Beluga product ROE
Blend MIX
Capistrano flier SWALLOW
Cecil's pal BEANY
Church section APSE
Cogito-sum link ERGO
Conceited VAIN
Cravat TIE
Croupier's prop RAKE
Cuddled up cozy SNUG
Depressed LOW
Diner's card MENU
Doves' remarks COOS
Emblem on Canada's flag LEAF
Enjoy the slopes SKI
Existence, to Antony ESSE
Fencing equipment EPEES
Fool SAP
Frog genus RANA
Gilligan's home ISLE
Got a glimpse of SAW
Grand-scale tale EPIC
Hamilton-Burr event DUEL
Highlander GAEL
Historic time ERA
Jongg preceder MAH
Listener EAR
Look leeringly OGLE
Main part of a ship's structure KEEL
Male sib BRO
Many millennia AEON
Masticate CHEW
Menagerie ZOO
Mid-morning TEN
Mid-summer trio? EMS
Moby's pursuer AHAB
On the rocks ICED
Photos of hunky guys BEEFCAKE
Puncturing tool AWL
Remnant END
Schroeder's idol BEETHOVEN
Snead and Spade SAMS
Stagger REEL
Straight paths BEELINES
Tammany Hall boss TWEED
Tarzan's son BOY
The Musketeers wanted this ... ALL
Threaded nail SCREW
Tramcar contents ORE
Tropical island BALI
Uncooked RAW
Underwear with underwire BRA
Unembel-lished MERE
Upper limit MAX
Vacationing OFF
Witty reply RIPOSTE
Worked for the ILGWU SEWED
Worshippers' bench PEW
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