How many letters in the Answer?

Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate Mar 10 2008

'Cheers' seat BARSTOOL
-- Victor RCA
Academic MOOT
Ace or joker CARD
Aggressively lively FEISTY
Ahab or Kirk (Abbr.) CAPT
Approved OKAYED
Boaz, to Naomi SONINLAW
Bro's kin SIS
Bullets AMMO
California town OJAI
Carnelian variety SARD
Catcher's aid MITT
Caution WARN
Chicken -- KIEV
Chop HEW
Citrus cooler ADE
Clarinet insert REED
Credit's opposite DEBIT
Cruelness SADISM
Days gone by YORE
Floral neckwear LEI
Forbidden TABOO
Formerly ONCE
Greek mountain IDA
Highland hillside BRAE
Humor WIT
Japanese money YEN
Knocks 'em dead WOWS
Lawn moisture DEW
List-ending abbr. ETAL
Memorization method ROTE
Ocean SEA
Open slightly AJAR
Operatic solo ARIA
Pack cargo STOW
Panoramic SCENIC
Past AGO
Phys ed venue GYM
Prepare to run away TURNTAIL
Profound DEEP
Pub order ALE
Quick looks GLIMPSES
Rink surface ICE
Roger Rabbit, e.g. TOON
Sandwich cookie OREO
Sans siblings ONLY
Saskatchewan city MOOSEJAW
Scepter ROD
Shrill bark YELP
Slave of old SERF
Stephen King pooch CUJO
Stir-fry cookware WOKS
Time of your life? AGE
Watch sound TICK
Wimbledon game TENNIS
Within reach NEARBY
Wood-shop tool SABERSAW
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