How many letters in the Answer?

Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate Jun 08 2019

'A spider!' eek
'Certainly!' yes
'Cut that out!' stopit
'— Breckinridge' myra
'— the ramparts ...' oer
Abode home
Acid type boric
Alphas' opposites omegas
Arboreal apes orangs
Astronaut Jemison mae
Away from SSW nne
Bagel choice sesame
Big lizard iguana
Blue Grotto isle capri
Brown ermine stoat
Business mag inc
Captivate enamor
Chicken serving breast
Comedian George carlin
Comic Ray romano
Dweebs nerds
Ecol. watchdog epa
Fashions styles
Fib lie
Fishing rods poles
Floral rings leis
Fulton's power steam
Glasses, slangily specs
Handle seeto
He loved Roxane cyrano
Hearty quaff ale
Hotel chain omni
Imam's holy book koran
In a sneaky way slyly
In medias — res
Kentucky brew bourbon
King of Judea herod
Labrador explorer cabot
Mal de — mer
Manually byhand
Mexican chili pepper poblano
Nashville venue opry
Not certain unsure
Olympic skater Brian boitano
Overcharge for tickets scalp
PC key alt
Peace symbol dove
Peevish fit snit
Retaliate avenge
Shakespearean heiress portia
Showed scorn sneered
Song of praise psalm
Speaks one's mind opines
Taunting laugh hah
Tavern pub
Title akin to POTUS cinc
Trusty horse steed
Vat tub
Western resort lake tahoe
— culpa mea
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