How many letters in the Answer?

Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate Jan 14 2008

'Zounds!' EGAD
-- and crafts ARTS
Away from WSW ENE
Bear, to astronomers URSA
Big prizes in Vegas JACKPOTS
Biz degrees (Abbr.) MBAS
Blue shade AQUA
Campsite shelter TENT
Carriage MIEN
Chief god of ancient Memphis PTAH
Dance lesson STEP
Diamond Head locale OAHU
Disrobe STRIP
Dutch cheese EDAM
Edge RIM
Fluff on clothing LINT
Fully fill SATE
GIs' entertainment grp. USO
Go from Web site to Web site SURF
Gold, in Guadalajara ORO
Hive boss QUEENBEE
Irish clover SHAMROCK
Jamaica's capital KINGSTON
Jellied gasoline NAPALM
Last year's Jrs. SRS
Letter opener? SIRS
Loathe HATE
Mackintosh RAINCOAT
Met melody ARIA
Monastery office ABBACY
Most sophisticated COUTHEST
North wind BOREAS
One of the Jackson 5 TITO
P.M. periods AFTS
Paragons IDEALS
Portent OMEN
Prepared SET
Props for Ferrante and Teicher PIANOS
Raggedy -- ANN
Religious retreat ASHRAM
Reveal one's identity UNMASK
Rocky debris SCREE
Scabbard SHEATH
Scooted RAN
Scott who played Chachi BAIO
Seventy-five XVIs MCC
Simile center ASA
Sinbad's bird ROC
Skillet PAN
Spicy HOT
Tartness of tone ACERBITY
They may get glossed over LIPS
Timetable abbr. ARR
Tofu sources SOYS
Trot JOG
Upper surface TOP
Verdi opera AIDA
Vicinity AREA
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