How many letters in the Answer?

Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate Jan 11 2005

'-- Lazy River' UPA
'Of course' YES
'White Album' song BLACKBIRD
'White Album' song HONEYPIE
'White Album' song YERBLUES
'White Album' song SEXYSADIE
Accomplished DID
Actress Olin LENA
Acute KEEN
Anderson's 'High --' TOR
Basilica bench PEW
Big bother ADO
Blood bank VIP DONOR
Cacophony from the kennel YAPS
Chapeau HAT
Contemptible BASE
Crafty SLY
DeMille movie, usually EPIC
Desiccate DRY
Dog tags et al. IDS
Easy mark SAP
Fawn's mom DOE
Fringe benefit PERK
Give as an example CITE
Greek consonants LAMBDAS
Green acres EIRE
Hasn't paid yet OWES
Hit a puck SLAP
Hollow cylinder TUBE
Humdinger LULU
Hydrox rival OREO
Idolater's emotion AWE
Listerine alternative SCOPE
Look for keywords SCAN
Maltese money LIRA
Mark replacement EURO
Maryland emblem OAK
Mason and Matlock LAWYERS
Massachusetts symbol ELM
Mississippi River feeder IOWA
Moose's cousin ELK
Mr. DeLuise DOM
Mule of song SAL
Muppet eagle SAM
Old fogy DODO
Opinion SAY
Oppositionist ANTI
Part of UCLA LOS
Peruse READ
Pinnacle APEX
Prep for finals STUDY
Seesaw quorum TWO
Slither slowly CREEP
Snatch GRAB
Spanish 13-Across DOS
Sparkle GLEAM
Speedy steed ARAB
Story teller LIAR
Thanksgiving veggie YAM
Tie up the phone YAK
Tremendous SUPER
Turf SOD
Turn on the waterworks SOB
URL part DOT
Vacillate YOYO
Vicinity AREA
Vittles EATS
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