How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Sep 30 2012

"A-Tisket, A-__" TASKET
"Call," in poker IMIN
"Despite that ..." ANDYET
"Here we are!" ITSUS
"It's Always Something" autobiographer RADNER
"Later, amigo" ADIOS
"Oh, thou did'st then __ love so heartily": Shak NEER
"The First Lady of Song" ELLA
"Very creative!" NEATIDEA
'80s "This Old House" host Bob VILA
1983 Golden Boot Award winner Lash LARUE
A, in Arles UNE
Alarming way to go? APE
Assume to be TAKEFOR
Austrian painter Schiele EGON
Bad thing to be caught in THEACT
Bailiff's request RISE
Baking aid SHEET
Bashes FETES
Besides ALSO
Birthstone before topaz OPAL
Brief brawl SETTO
Camaro __-Z IROC
Chicago Sky's org WNBA
CIA briefing info INTEL
Comedian's sidekick STOOGE
Composer Franck CESAR
Cotton-on-stick cleaners QTIPS
Course rentals CARTS
Crypts, e.g TOMBS
Detour, perhaps ARC
Disastrous FATAL
Drama set in Vegas CSI
Dramatic one-on-ones DUELS
Edinburgh girl LASS
Egyptian Peace Nobelist SADAT
End-era link OFAN
ESPN pitch, say TVAD
Eyelashes CILIA
Faculty officials DEANS
Find a space PARK
Garbo of "Grand Hotel" GRETA
Gaucho gear RIATA
Give the band a hand CLAP
Goes to bat for HELPS
Group assisting St. Peter? HEAVENLYBODY
Group dealing with hard stuff? LIQUORCABINET
Group handling hand-held phone sales? CELLDIVISION
Group overseeing porch furniture? ROCKERPANEL
Group providing pro bono services? FREEAGENCY
Group specializing in spinal complaints? BACKOFFICE
Group supervising subs? SANDWICHBOARD
Group testing antipasto tidbits? OLIVEBRANCH
Growl relative SNARL
Have a bug AIL
Highly decorative ORNATE
Hive member DRONE
Humongous GIANT
Improvise ADLIB
Ingredient in some soaps ALOE
Iowa city named for a Sauk chief KEOKUK
Island republic near the Malay Peninsula SINGAPORE
It may get hot under your collar NAPE
It might be skipped ROPE
Jerry Rice's record 208, briefly TDS
Joyful dance HORA
Kentucky Derby time MAY
Lab greeting ARF
Land chronicled by Lewis NARNIA
Letter opener? ELL
Library ID ISBN
Like ballplayers during the national anthem HATLESS
Look forward to AWAIT
Major function GALA
Maternally related ENATE
Mazatlán munchie NACHO
Meadow matriarch EWE
Moms' moms, familiarly GRANNIES
Morocco's capital RABAT
Mountain nymph OREAD
Mutt's mate JEFF
NASA's Grissom GUS
Nasty sort MEANIE
No longer working: abbr RETD
Océan sight ILE
Old Colgate competitor IPANA
Old Renault LECAR
On the ball ALERT
One of four in Massachusetts: Abbr SYL
Online newsgroup system USENET
Open confrontations FACEOFFS
Pension law acronym ERISA
Phnom __ PENH
Prayer object DEITY
Prime meridian std GST
Project leader's selection TEAM
Pugilist Griffith et al EMILES
Punished, in a way FINED
Pursue, as a deadbeat DUN
Quite a stretch EON
R.I. governor Chafee LINC
Radio-active sort? CBER
Record holders FILES
Redder inside RARER
Remains unsettled PENDS
Risky stock category BIOTECH
Ristorante suffix INI
Robust HALE
Santa __ ANA
Scandinavian wife of comics HELGA
Scary noble gas RADON
Seine tributary MARNE
Sensitive spots SORES
Settled down ALIT
Shelter near a fire TENT
Shoulder location ROADSIDE
Smaug in "The Hobbit," for one DRAGON
Soldiers' org. formed during WWII AMVETS
Some Little League volunteers UMPS
Sonnet sections SESTETS
Squalid quarters STY
St.-finding aid GPS
Surrounded by AMONG
Syrup source TREESAP
Teammate of Pee Wee and Duke JACKIE
Tendon SINEW
That-say connection ISTO
The Snake R. runs through it IDA
They may be emotional SCARS
Ties with clasps BOLOS
Tummy trouble AGITA
Two of a kind PAIR
Under control across the board ALLOK
Univ. recruiter ROTC
Uno minus uno CERO
Uplifting item BRA
Wall-mounted grips GRABBARS
Western wine region NAPA
When many shovels may be seen WINTERS
Wrinkly dogs SHARPEIS
__ system SOLAR
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