How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Sep 18 2011

"And giving __, up the chimney he rose" ANOD
"And make it snappy!" PRONTO
"And So __": Billy Joel song ITGOES
"Another __ Paradise": Phil Collins hit DAYIN
"My Way" lyricist ANKA
"Ten-hut!" reversal ATEASE
"__ My Sons": Arthur Miller play ALL
1895-'96 __-Ethiopian War ITALO
1987 All-Star Game MVP Tim RAINES
90-degree angle creator ELL
Alibi, perhaps LIE
Along the rim OUTER
Aspirin target PAIN
Assist shadily ABET
Away from gusts ALEE
Bart and Lisa's bus driver OTTO
Bellyacher's litany WOES
Big Easy quarterback BREES
Big fuss ADO
Birds of a feather flock together, but .. OPPOSITESATTRACT
Boolean operators ORS
Break points at Wimbledon? TEATIMES
Capital near Zurich BERN
Champion of the common man POPULIST
Constellation next to Scorpius ARA
Course taken with a spoon SOUP
Daisylike flower ASTER
Doesn't go on STOPS
Doesn't just lurk, website-wise POSTS
DOJ branch DEA
Don't judge a book by its cover, but .. CLOTHESMAKETHEMAN
Down's opposite ACROSS
Elemental bit ATOM
Evening in Roma SERA
Evil BAD
Fail to keep up LAG
Flood barrier DIKE
Folk legend Pete SEEGER
For a spell AWHILE
Former U.S. pump sign ESSO
Fort's defense PALISADE
Fulda tributary EDER
Full of team spirit RAHRAH
Glucose and fructose, e.g ISOMERS
Government demand TAX
Great minds think alike, but .. FOOLSSELDOMDIFFER
Greek gp SOR
Group in a shell CREW
Group sharing a crest CLAN
Gumbo pod OKRA
Hasty escape LAM
He who hesitates is lost, but .. LOOKBEFOREYOULEAP
Helen of Troy's mother LEDA
Home to the Ibsen Museum OSLO
Iberian river EBRO
Ignorance is bliss, but .. KNOWLEDGEISPOWER
Infamous Amin IDI
Insurance giant AETNA
Iran's official language FARSI
It's been proven to grow hair SCALP
IV tripled XII
Jefferson Davis was its only pres CSA
Kanga's little one ROO
Landon of 1920s-'30s politics ALF
Like some microbrews MALTY
Like some silences AWKWARD
Like some warmup pants TEARAWAY
Lucille's guy DESI
Manhattan ingredient RYE
Mess with KID
Month in Madrid MES
Most in need of a doctor ILLEST
Msg. to the flock SER
Neighbor of Maui LANAI
Not just dangerous DEADLY
Not square HEP
Nursery buy MULCH
Oasis visitors CAMELS
OK at the corral YEP
On the house GRATIS
One of Esau's wives ADAH
Org. for 60-Across NFL
Overreact to spilt milk CRY
Pay stub? OLA
Pindar, notably ODIST
Place where fresh water and salt water mix ESTUARY
Play mates? CAST
Post-WWII feminine flier WAF
Postgraduate burden LOANS
Pre-Tokyo Tokyo EDO
Pro __ BONO
Prominent SALIENT
Pronoun for Pedro ESTA
Pulls together AMASSES
Pursuit of perfection IDEALISM
Puts on a happy face SMILES
Reason for tears ALLERGY
Rink feint DEKE
River to the Bay of Biscay LOIRE
Rolled lunch WRAP
Run-down digs RATTRAPS
Scarfed (down) WOLFED
Serious downpours TORRENTS
Sharp-tongued talk SARCASM
Show publicly DISPLAY
Sign of summer LEO
Snatches KIDNAPS
So last year OLDHAT
Some whistle blowers REFS
Something to see, perhaps BET
Spills the beans SQUEALS
Split differently REALLOT
Stud alternative EARDROP
Surrealist Magritte RENE
Take back to the drawing board REDO
Taken __: startled ABACK
Texas city named for a Kansas city ABILENE
Texas's state tree PECAN
To the extent that ASFARAS
Took orders from OBEYED
Tribe of Oklahoma OTO
Tundra blanket SNOW
Two's company, three's a crowd, but .. THEMORETHEMERRIER
Two-part DUAL
Unused, as farmland FALLOW
Veggie chip brand TERRA
Venerated one ICON
Vibes AURA
Violin part NECK
Warning of old ALARUM
Wheyfaced WAN
Worn away ERODED
Wurst on the grill BRAT
__ con leche CAFE
__ for oneself FEND
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