How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Sep 16 2007

"Ah, Wilderness!" playwright ONEILL
"Aunt" with a cope book ERMA
"Honest" NOLIE
"It Walks by Night" novelist CARR
"Ran" director Kurosawa AKIRA
"Ta ta" SOLONG
"__ Ben Adhem" ABOU
A CEO may call one CONF
Academic honor FULLPROFESSOR
Act like a rat GNAW
Air__: Florida-based carrier TRAN
Animator Tex AVERY
Big do AFRO
Bochco TV series LALAW
Book of public records LIBER
Book with legends ATLAS
Bring down spiritually DEMORALIZE
Calls counterparts PUTS
Cantina toast SALUD
Carlsbad's river PECOS
Cartridges AMMO
Celebratory cry WHOOP
Center of activity FOCALPOINT
Chilean pianist Claudio ARRAU
Clan divisions SEPTS
Comply with MEET
Contract skulduggery, to some SMALLPRINT
Copacetic AOK
Corporate alias abbr. DBA
Corrective, ideally PENAL
Course PATH
Court filing BRIEF
Crib cry WAH
Cuts, e.g. EDITS
Dash, e.g. FOOTRACE
DDE arena ETO
Deca- squared HECT
Deep sleeps COMAS
Deli freebie DILLPICKLE
Desert request WATER
Dietary datum, briefly RDA
Dieter's need, often WILLPOWER
Donny and Marie's birthplace OGDEN
Drink from nuts COLA
Egyptian cross ANKH
Ending with brawn or brain IEST
Enforcement org. since the Cal. Gold Rush SFPD
Entrance device STILE
Exec's message MEMO
Fabrics CLOTHS
Fall tools RAKES
Farm rooter PIG
Fast food classic BIGMAC
Former Royals manager Hal MCRAE
Fragrant resin ELEMI
Frost lines POEM
Get bent out of shape WARP
Gladly LIEF
Golf course architect Dye PETE
Golfer's choice WEDGE
Harris patriarch UNCLEREMUS
Having no experience in NEWAT
Hearth sweepings ASHES
Help for one prying CROWBAR
Holiday veggies YAMS
Induce, as perjury SUBORN
Inflation stat. CPI
Interest GRAB
Interrupts STOPS
Inventing "wizard" EDISON
Iona in N.Y., e.g. COLL
Iranian coins DINARS
It barely covers the heel ANKLET
It comes in rolls SOD
John Quincy's successor ANDREW
Kennedy cabinet member RUSK
Key of Brahms's Symphony No. 2 DMAJ
Knock on RAPAT
Last syllable ULTIMA
Late-afternoon social COCKTAILPARTY
Like Neptune EIGHTH
Loser SAP
Mailer or Miller AUTHOR
Make cherished ENDEAR
Men behaving badly CADS
Men-only affair STAG
Methods WAYS
Mo. in which the Civil War began and ended APR
Moonfish OPAH
Musical with the character Jennyanydots CATS
Myriad MANY
NBC skit show SNL
Not in the wind ALEE
Org. chaired by Jane Alexander in the '90s NEA
Out of the harbor ATSEA
PC program APP
Poppycock ROT
Popular break hr. TENAM
Presumptuous PERT
Prime minister who ordered the Pearl Harbor attack TOJO
Puccini tune ARIA
Put up ERECT
Rapscallion SCAMP
Really get into EATUP
Records "broken" in this puzzle's nine theme answers LPS
Recuperating, maybe ABED
Resistance units OHMS
RR structures STNS
Scale seconds RES
School gps. PTAS
Sharp TART
Short cut BOB
Signs on again REUPS
Sinclair Lewis was the first American writer to win one NOBELPRIZE
Skyline shot, perhaps AERIALPHOTOGRAPH
Slow throw LOB
Soap-making need LYE
Somewhat red MEDIUMRARE
Sports meas. of effectiveness ERA
St. Anthony's home PADUA
State along I-10 ARIZ
Stock phrase ATPAR
Stray ROVE
Subject of an adoptee's quest, maybe BIOLOGICALPARENT
Talk angrily GROWL
That, in Taxco ESA
They may includes bios OBITS
They're struck ORES
Three-time U.S. Open winner LENDL
Titanic's undoing ICEBERG
Trauma consequence SCAR
Turn on an axis SLUE
Uncommon blood type, briefly BNEG
Use Amex or MC CHG
UV-blocker rating syst. SPF
Western scene CHASE
Witty type WAG
[Gasp!] OOH
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