How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Sep 14 2016

"Be right with you" INASEC
"Exodus" author URIS
"How awful!" OHNO
"Then again," in tweets OTOH
"__ coffee?" TEAOR
"__ the Walrus" IAM
2007 animated film in which Sting voices himself BEEMOVIE
Armoire feature DOOR
Beatty/Hoffman box office flop ISHTAR
Big chunk SLAB
Bone in a cage RIB
Brandy bottle letters VSOP
Charming snake? COBRA
Chip in a chip ANTE
Chum PAL
Corrosive substance LYE
Counting-out word EENY
Cruise stop ISLE
Cyber Monday event SALE
Do a vet's job SPAY
Dry Italian wine SOAVE
Final Olds made ALERO
Flowing garments CAPES
Former fillies MARES
Fort with lots of bars KNOX
Free, in France LIBRE
Freelancer's email attachment: Abbr INV
Glider on runners SLED
Hair-smoothing hairs BRUSHBRISTLES
Hershey's toffee bar SKOR
Highest sudoku digit NINE
Hip bones ILIA
Hodgepodge OLIO
Hot state IRE
Hunky-dory AOKAY
Less cluttered TIDIER
Letters often after a perp's name AKA
Library machine COPIER
Louvre Pyramid architect IMPEI
Make available FREEUP
Many a bridesmaid SISTER
Medicare prescription drug section PARTD
Medieval laborer SERF
Money makers MINTS
Musical set in an orphanage ANNIE
NPR journalist Shapiro ARI
Online shopping mecca EMALL
Pages with views OPEDS
Pork choice LOIN
Pound, but not ounce POET
Pre-coll ELHI
Prefix with space AERO
Prospero's servant ARIEL
Rachel Maddow's network MSNBC
Ready for a refill EMPTY
Replies to an invite, for short RSVPS
Res __ loquitur: the thing itself speaks IPSA
Seasonal song NOEL
Shellfish cookouts SEAFOODBOILS
Shift (for oneself) FEND
Six-time All-Star Moises ALOU
Slips past EASESBY
Sonar signal BLIP
Start of a knitting project LOOP
Tailpipe emission EXHAUSTFUMES
Tug-of-war injuries FRICTIONBURNS
Two-time US Open winner SELES
Warbles TRILLS
Went a-courting WOOED
Word in a bride's bio NEE
__ pork: Chinese dish served with pancakes MOOSHU
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