How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Sep 14 2008

"... some kind of __?" ANUT
"60 Minutes" correspondent since 1968 WALLACE
"Dude!" BRO
"Good grief!" SHEESH
"Happy tune" whistler of Broadway ANNA
"Peanuts" cry AARGH
"Superman" archvillain Luthor LEX
"That's __ ask" ALLI
"When Harry Met Sally..." studio construction? MATCHINGSET
Actually existing INESSE
Alumna bio word NEE
Angled brace LBAR
Aqua kin TEAL
Arizona tourist town SEDONA
Atl. Coast storm dir. NNE
Author Silverstein SHEL
Auto designer Maserati ERNESTO
Balderdash TRIPE
Beaded adders? ABACI
Big servers ACERS
Bikini Bare competitor NEET
Bitter outburst TIRADE
Borge's forte PIANO
Brat IMP
Caen cleric ABBE
Caffeine, for one ALKALOID
Canine neighbor PREMOLAR
Carol starter ADESTE
Cascades high spot SHASTA
Caught in the act SURPRISED
Chips, say NOSH
Choose ELECT
Classic sodas NEHIS
Coke complement RUM
Contest in a dohyo SUMO
Court figure Ivan LENDL
Cowboy's leggings CHAPS
Curse POX
Dawn-dusk link TIL
Deadly virus EBOLA
Dialogue from "A River Runs Through It"? FISHINGLINES
Do-do connection ASI
Documentation PAPERS
Ebbets Field hero REESE
Eyepieces OCULARS
Eyes closely PEERSAT
Farm girls? MARES
Fatigue TIRE
Film speed letters ASA
Fixed portions RATIONS
Footage from "Twins"? DOUBLETAKES
Formal address MADAM
Four-sided monument named for a Greek god HERM
Foyer accessory HATRACK
Fully grown ADULT
Furniture pegs DOWELS
Get __ of one's own medicine ADOSE
Gift giver's urging OPENIT
GNMA's dept. HUD
Go after, in a way SUE
Go at hard RIPINTO
Halloween visitors, maybe APEMEN
Hanoi celebration TET
Holy smoke INCENSE
Inscribed pillar STELA
Isle where Homer is buried, supposedly IOS
It can be bloated EGO
It has a campus in Tupelo OLEMISS
It's not part of the usual five ESP
Jacob's twin ESAU
Keyboard shortcuts MACROS
Kind of metal or music SHEET
Lanchester of film ELSA
Language subfamily including Arabic SEMITIC
LAX datum ETA
Lazy girl? SUSAN
Let up EASED
Like barley flowers SPICATE
Like pipe dreams UTOPIAN
Lower part of a 10-Down duet SECONDO
Medical ins. choice HMO
Menu general TSO
Metabolic energy-transporting compound, briefly ATP
Metro area URB
Michelangelo's "The Last Judgment," e.g. MURAL
Mil. spud duties KPS
Milano of "Charmed" ALYSSA
Miler Sebastian COE
More than reviewing PERUSING
Mormons, initially LDS
Munchkin in "The Wizard of Oz"? ALITTLEEXTRA
Music for "Hoosiers"? BASKETBALLSCORE
New York county bordering Pennsylvania, or vice versa TIOGA
NPR news analyst Roberts COKIE
Oven section BROILER
Part of un giorno ORA
Patron saint of Hawaii DAMIEN
Per __ DIEM
Placates SOOTHES
Plantation house MANOR
Prompt in "The Hustler"? BILLIARDSCUE
Pulitzer poet Claudia EMERSON
Puss plaint MEW
QB's try ATT
Quashed SATON
Quizzes ASKS
Reading disorder ALEXIA
Remote locations? SOFAS
Research before buying PRICE
Rogers Centre team, on scoreboards TOR
Saw starter? TOERR
Scots Gaelic ERSE
Segments of "Silent Movie"? UNSPEAKABLEACTS
Sen.'s counterpart REP
Seventh-century year DCI
Shakespearean prince HAL
She played Mia in "Pulp Fiction" UMA
Sheet music abbr. ARR
Site of a Univ. of the Virgin Islands campus STTHOMAS
Site of many deliveries HOSPITAL
Soak up BLOT
Some medical deliveries SONS
Something to do after eating THEDISHES
Sow chow SLOP
Spot markers XES
Steering aids AXLES
Stirrup problems? EARACHES
Stone weights CARATS
Stores, as fodder ENSILES
Storyboard for "Poltergeist"? CEMETERYPLOT
Teen safety org. SADD
Tenn. awards gp. CMA
Ticket word ROW
Tighter TERSER
Tricky short putts, in golf slang TESTERS
What little things can mean ALOT
Works at a museum OILS
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