How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Sep 07 2010

"Bolero" composer RAVEL
"Bus Stop" playwright INGE
"Gilligan's Island" shelters HUTS
"Little Women" woman BETH
"Robinson Crusoe" author DEFOE
"Siddhartha" author Hermann HESSE
"SNL" staple SPOOF
1978 movie set in a Turkish prison MIDNIGHTEXPRESS
Avian aussies EMUS
Back talk SASS
Bassoon cousin OBOE
Because SINCE
Big name in Danish porcelain ROYALCOPENHAGEN
Caprice WHIM
Car company whose name is Latin for "Hark!" AUDI
Carpentry smoother PLANE
Cass's title MAMA
Chief BOSS
Cognizant AWARE
Curbside payment collector METER
Cure-all mixture ELIXIR
Dermatologist's concern SKIN
Diner hodgepodge dish HASH
Dollar dispensers, briefly ATMS
E. Coast border ATL
Early sibling rivalry victim ABEL
Eat in style DINE
Escaping, with "on" THELAM
√Čvian, e.g. SPA
Festive party GALA
Folded (one's hand), in poker slang MUCKED
Greek "H" ETA
Gun activators TRIGGERS
Hamilton-Burr engagement DUEL
Hamish's refusals NAES
Hockey Hall of Famer Phil, to his fans ESPO
Hotpoint appliances, familiarly GES
Humorist Mort SAHL
Island feast LUAU
Island garlands LEIS
Legendary Himalayan YETI
Let the cat out of the bag BLAB
Machu Picchu architects INCAS
Mall booth KIOSK
Mandolin relative LUTE
Marsupial's pocket POUCH
Monetary unit of Cyprus EURO
Notion IDEA
Observe SEE
Observe narrowly EYE
One of a "Great" quintet ERIE
Online party notice EVITE
Part of ESL: Abbr. ENG
Pastry at a Devonshire tea SCONE
Patterned fabric TOILE
Peaceful protest SITIN
Peppery root veggie RADISH
Pinstriped ALer NYYANKEE
Pool table border RAIL
Real estate units ACRES
Repeated question in Matthew ISITI
Rhett's last verb GIVE
Run off to get hitched ELOPE
Scintilla IOTA
Second Amendment subject ARMS
Seed cover HULL
Sgts. and cpls. NCOS
Shades of it begin this puzzle's four longest answers BLUE
Sighed word ALAS
Stinging flier WASP
Symbols of gentleness LAMBS
They may be split in soup PEAS
Unifying idea THEME
Volatile situation POWDERKEG
Water balloon sound SPLAT
White legumes NAVYBEANS
Winter ride SLED
Yogi or Boo-Boo BEAR
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