How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Oct 28 2018

"C'mon, take a __" guess
"Deadliest Catch" narrator Mike rowe
"Follow me!" cmon
"Free your pores!" skincare brand biore
"Funny thing is ... " oddly
"I __ busted!" amso
"Just me," formally itisi
"Never heard __" ofit
"SNL" staple skit
#30 on the periodic table zinc
1990s-2000s Laker star, familiarly shaq
3-2-4 ID ssn
A new one may itch beard
Absence lack
Actor Maguire tobey
Add to a website, as a video embed
Addresses with "@" emails
Air freshener scent pine
All everybit
Annoyed Mayberry aunt gets an old Toyota at a raffle? (Wis.) angrybeewinsscion
Artfully shy coy
At least one any
Author Caleb carr
Babe's counterpart hunk
Bigger copy: Abbr enl
Bigger than big huge
Black Friday headline? (Md.) retailmobranmadly
Boast about Japanese animation? (Me.) bragonanime
Brief invite answer? rsvp
Brooding genre emo
Cap'n's underling bosn
Car, truck or bike noun
Cockpit worker pilot
Come to light arise
Constitution letters uss
Cough drops brand ludens
Couldn't avoid it hadto
Cunning plan ploy
Defunct Ford div merc
Delaware's capital? dee
Demand too much of overtax
Devoured ateup
Disheveled tousled
Draw upon tapinto
Emanation from an aging rural miner? (Co.) oldrubecoalodor
Enjoy slowly, as a drink sipon
Fair grade cplus
Fire starter spark
Five-O alert apb
Flawed amiss
For fear that lest
French 101 verb etre
Geminids sights meteors
Good guy, to a bad guy enemy
Goof err
Guadalajara gal pal amiga
Hardly a threat tame
Holder of keys piano
Holiday song sextet geese
Hopefully, what's left for dessert? room
Hosp. drama role ernurse
Hot sauce bottle image devil
Humdinger lulu
Ignore, with "out" tune
Inappropriate look leer
Italian lawn game bocce
Jazz club sessions sets
Joyous song paean
Kid raiser, in two ways nanny
Kind of alcohol ethyl
Landlord's reminder laterent
Leader with perks ceo
Leave, slangily blow
Like deeply discounted mdse irr
Like some bulls papal
Love to bits adore
Lunch treats from Clinton's veep? (Or.) mealsongore
Lymph __ nodes
Message about nearly a dozen U.S. sailors being flown overseas? (Pa.) alltennowinnavyplanes
Moonlighter's work sidejob
Most aloof iciest
Motored (along) tooled
Muslim ascetics drain Sahara pipeline contents? (Ca.) fakirsbleedafricanoil
Myrtle whose oil is a folk remedy for skin conditions teatree
Nikita's negatives nyets
Not quite never once
Not requiring stamps postpaid
Not talkative quiet
Not-cute fruit ugli
On the briny asea
One terminus of Chicago's Blue Line ohare
Orbital high point apogee
Ornate molding ogee
Overnight retreats inns
Pakistani tongue urdu
Parents rears
Pitcher part spout
Prefix for a Dow foam styro
Prez on a five abe
Primrose family plant oxlip
Prince Harry's locks, e.g redhair
Push forward impel
Quite a distance afar
Ready to breed atstud
Receive inside info getatip
Rowlands of "The Notebook" gena
Run-down area slum
Scotch cocktail robroy
Security checkpoint device wand
Sells vends
Sheikdom of song araby
Shoe or its dance clog
Silver Bullet Band rocker seger
Simba, at the start of "The Lion King" cub
Six-legged prayer? mantis
Small ammo bbs
Soccer goose egg nil
Sources of bow wood yews
South end? ern
Sparring punches jabs
State definitively aver
Stopped flowing randry
Style mode
Swindler crook
Tanning time on the Riviera ete
Tied deadeven
Tighten, as laces retie
Tired comment imbeat
Tokyo shopping district ginza
Toward shelter alee
Treo maker, before it shortened its name palmone
Untrue notso
Well filler ink
What may be baby's first word mama
White selection, briefly chard
Wild plum sloe
Work with needles knit
Worn things garb
Wrestler's coup pin
__-Magnon cro
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