How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Oct 26 2014

"Eek!" evoker MOUSE
"Rescue Me" star Denis LEARY
"__ Enchanted": 2004 film ELLA
'70s extremist gp SLA
1905 Peter Pan player Adams MAUDE
1998 Apple debut IMAC
Adorn in relief EMBOSS
Baking ingredient OLEO
Bangladesh neighbor INDIA
Belief system CREED
Big-time blow GALE
Bird with a hooked beak EAGLE
Bob up and down, say FLOAT
Bundles of energy DOERS
Bus lead-in OMNI
Business tycoon BARON
Chilean lady SENORA
Class on an African river? CONGOCOURSE
Claude's "Thanks" MERCI
Cleverly guarded CAGEY
Commercial interest STAKE
Copier insert: Abbr ORIG
Creative thinker THEORIST
Cruise for drummers? BONGOVOYAGE
Dangerous reptile ASP
Deliberate destruction SABOTAGE
Diamond pattern ARGYLE
Dilapidated buildings, say EYESORES
Distribute, with "out" METE
Drink from a bag TEA
Entry price FEE
Events with tiaras PAGEANTS
Excitement ADO
Fan favorites IDOLS
Farm fathers SIRES
Fiennes who played Lord Voldemort RALPH
Fill, as old water bottles REUSE
Financial drain MONEYPIT
First name of boy detective Encyclopedia Brown LEROY
Fish recipe instruction DEBONE
Five tenths HALF
Forearm bone ULNA
Formed, on a bus. sign ESTD
Fruit found in the back of the fridge? DIRTYOLDMANGO
Genetic messenger RNA
Georgian Bay's lake HURON
Get, as a degree EARN
Given the lowdown BRIEFED
Golfer with an "army" ARNIE
Google an African nation? LOOKUPTOGO
Grammy winner Lena HORNE
Greatly bothers EATSAT
Hefty volume TOME
Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium city OMAHA
High male voice ALTO
Historic Nevada city ELY
Holier-than-thou sort SNOB
Hoops may hang from them LOBES
Horse and buggy RIG
Household skills class HOMEEC
Hr. portions MINS
Hungers LONGS
Inexpensive game with cards? BARGAINBINGO
Interest-lowering option, briefly REFI
Irritate GRATE
IRS requirement for many EFILE
Israeli carrier ELAL
It's called in class ROLL
Kid's comeback AMSO
Kuwaiti ruler EMIR
Lacking manners COARSE
Last letter? DEARJOHN
Leave in a hurry, slangily BAIL
Like many horses SHOD
Like some college majors DUAL
Likely APT
Lyrical homage ODE
Maestro Klemperer OTTO
Many a church song PAEAN
Mayberry sot Campbell OTIS
Moderate pace TROT
Month named for a general JULY
More than impress AWE
More than some ALOT
Muslim leaders IMAMS
Native of Hokkaido AINU
Newspaper fillers STORIES
Newspaper issue for arrogant readers? EGOEDITION
Nimble AGILE
No __ for the wear WORSE
Not exactly talkative MUM
Note in lieu of cash IOU
Oil partner VINEGAR
Old MacDonald's signature dance? FARMERSTANGO
Ominous DIRE
On, in a way LIT
Out of fashion, in France DEMODE
Pasta sauce checkout line? PREGOREGISTER
Picture of an envelope, e.g ICON
Pitchfork feature PRONG
Place for worms? CAN
Places for outlets WALLS
Plate cleaners, at times UMPS
Put a halt to ENDED
Radio station, say AIRER
Remove forcibly OUST
Rescue team, briefly EMTS
Riot squad concerns MOBS
Rose or violet COLOR
Roughly speaking ORSO
Russian-born Deco designer ERTE
RV connection? STU
Ryan of "The Beverly Hillbillies" IRENE
Salon service HAIRCARE
Sandbox boo-boo OWIE
Sandwich fish TUNA
Sci-fi carriers PODS
Sharp mountain ridge ARETE
Shop __ you drop TIL
Shrunken inland sea ARAL
Spanish liqueur ANIS
Striped cat TABBY
Stun gun TASER
Subtle suggestions HINTS
Super-small EENSY
Suppressed SATON
Surface again REEMERGE
Terminal communication EMAIL
Tough heads CAPOS
Treads heavily STOMPS
Upper crust groups ELITES
Volcanic fluid MAGMA
Web portal letters MSN
Western U.S. service station chain ARCO
Wood used in guitar-making ALDER
Wrought-up FRANTIC
Zodiac symbol RAM
__-screen TV LARGE
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