How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Oct 21 2013

"Once __ a time ..." UPON
"Piece of cake!" EASY
"Star Wars" princess LEIA
"The X-Files" gp FBI
"__ my case" IREST
100-yard race DASH
A second time AGAIN
Bad to the bone EVIL
Basketball's __ "The Pearl" Monroe EARL
Big name in vermouth ROSSI
Cafeteria carriers gone missing? STRAYTRAYS
Conductor Previn ANDRE
Creepy starer OGLER
Crumb-carrying insect ANT
Curtain call acknowledgments BOWS
Dancer Astaire ADELE
Dessert with a crust PIE
Does as directed OBEYS
Drawing upon USING
Feel lousy AIL
Figure skater's leap AXEL
Financial planner's concern PORTFOLIO
Fixes with thread SEWS
Floating platforms RAFTS
Future flower SEED
German cars bought by Riyadh residents? SAUDIAUDIS
Go down in the west SET
Guy or fellow MALE
Handheld computer, briefly PDA
Hard to hear FAINT
Haughty sort SNOB
Homes for chicks NESTS
How-__: instruction books TOS
Insult comic who was a frequent Johnny Carson guest DONRICKLES
J.D.-to-be's exam LSAT
Koppel and Knight TEDS
Leaning somewhat ATILT
Like Jack 43-Across's diet NOFAT
Like so THUS
Lousy grades DEES
Makes a choice OPTS
Neato water sources? SWELLWELLS
Ninth mo SEP
Not many AFEW
Nursery-rhyme Jack or his wife SPRAT
Out-of-tune string instruments? SHARPHARPS
Part of YMCA: Abbr ASSN
PC software APPS
Pie Г la __ MODE
Plastic coffee container designed for a Keurig brewer KCUP
Pop the question ASK
Prof.'s helpers TAS
Promgoer's concern ACNE
Put a curse on HEX
Put down, as floor tile LAID
QB's mishap INT
Reeves of "Speed" KEANU
Relaxation center SPA
Releases (on), as an attack dog SICS
Rose of baseball PETE
Shoulder wrap SHAWL
Skid row denizen HOBO
Spooky EERIE
Sports enthusiast FAN
Stories you've heard a bajillion times? STALETALES
Streamlined onion relatives? SLEEKLEEKS
Teeth-and-gums protector MOUTHGUARD
Tennis icon Arthur ASHE
Top military draft category ONEA
Trig or calc MATH
Uncle Remus's __ Rabbit BRER
Vary irregularly, as prices FLUCTUATE
Was a passenger RODE
Work really hard SLAVE
Zappos.com inventory SHOES
__ A Sketch ETCH
__ Lanka SRI
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