How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Oct 03 2009

"Divine Comedy" writer DANTE
"Is it worth the risk?" DOIDARE
"Norma __" RAE
"The Mammoth Hunters" author AUEL
"This can't be true!" YOURENOTSERIOUS
"__ Blu Dipinto Di Blu": 1958 hit NEL
1950s tennis great Lew HOAD
25-Across's WWII command EUROPEANTHEATER
Afternoon socials TEAS
Alerted, as a doctor PAGED
Algae on the beach SEAWEED
Beethoven's instrument PIANO
Boca __ RATON
Book, to Bolívar LIBRO
Cause of many traveling delays AIRPORTSECURITY
Certain something AURA
Club for smart guys and girls MENSA
Collapsed company chronicled in the 2005 documentary subtitled "The Smartest Guys in the Room" ENRON
Davis of "Do the Right Thing" OSSIE
Devilish tot IMP
Eins plus zwei DREI
Exam for a Wharton Sch. hopeful GMAT
Express, as an opinion VOICE
Forever and a day, facetiously EON
French for "sword" EPEE
Gallic girlfriend AMIE
Get ready to pray KNEEL
Gets as a return REAPS
High martial arts rank BROWNBELT
Implement TOOL
Important BIG
Inexact nos. ESTS
Inflicted upon DIDTO
Interest percentage RATE
Japanese aborigine AINU
Kind of fingerprint or code GENETIC
Licentious sort ROUE
Lith. et al., once SSRS
Many a Yemeni ARAB
Martha's Vineyard natives, e.g. ISLANDERS
No-frills beds COTS
Not much ATAD
Nursery bed CRIB
Oil and vinegar concoction ITALIANDRESSING
Ollie North's '80s "affair" IRANCONTRA
Part of a range: Abbr. MTN
Pop musician from County Donegal ENYA
Port on its own lake ERIE
Prefix with sphere ATMO
SASE, e.g. ENC
Sch. support groups PTAS
Semaphore user's output SIGNALS
Spoken ORAL
Tars' affirmatives AYES
Terminal-to-hotel transport VAN
Title guy asked to "play a song for me," in a Byrds hit MRTAMBOURINEMAN
U.S. Army medal DSC
Want-ad abbr. EEO
Whack anew REHIT
Words before ghost or doctor SEEA
WWII general who became pres. DDE
__ Constitution USS
__ Park: Queens area near Forest Hills REGO
__ Rouge KHMER
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