How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Nov 29 2015

"Cheers!" SKOAL
"I pity the fool" speaker MRT
"I'm in for it now!" UHOH
"Manhattan" and "Nashville" MOVIES
"The Black Cat" author POE
"__ Dinka Doo" INKA
"__ Were the Days" THOSE
''That's gross!'' ICK
'20s fashion accessory BOA
Actor Dick Van __ DYKE
Actress Rowlands GENA
Actress with a record 19 Oscar nominations STREEP
After-dinner brand CERTS
All-bark, no-bite type PAPERTIGER
Allen who never really made furniture ETHAN
Appear SEEM
Arabic leader? ALIF
Babe HON
Babe in the woods NAIF
Battery terminal ANODE
Bee relative WASP
Benny's 39, so he said AGE
Beverage made with buds ROSETEA
Beyond cold GELID
Biathlon needs SKIS
Blue toon SMURF
Boat trailer WAKE
Bridge position EAST
Brings together UNIFIES
Buck Rogers weapon RAYGUN
Camping attraction FRESHAIR
Canyon response ECHO
Carpentry tool RIPSAW
Cheers at soccer matches OLES
Chef Bobby to beat on a reality show FLAY
Co-founder of Women's Media Center STEINEM
Conspicuous display SPLASH
Continent with 11 time zones ASIA
Corn carrier EAR
Crack gp.? DEA
Crazed Muppet drummer ANIMAL
Cut reminder SCAR
Dating scene returnee, maybe WIDOWER
Diced dish HASH
Drink with a polar bear mascot ICEE
Drivers' local knowledge SHORTCUTS
Duel-purpose tool FOIL
Empty words LIPSERVICE
End of an uncertain statement ORISIT
Escape mechanism HATCH
Finish the team practice DOLAPS
Fizzling-out sound PFFT
Focused group? CAMERACREW
Fox or wolf CANID
Get in on the deal ANTEUP
Gift giver's cry OPENIT
Give minimal effort PHONEITIN
Gobble (down) SNARF
Guitar accessory STRAP
Hat-borne parasites LICE
He played Tony on "NYPD Blue" ESAI
Healthy bar creations SALADS
Hobbit world MIDDLEEARTH
Holliday allies EARPS
How pastrami is often ordered ONRYE
Ivory in a dish SOAP
Keats' "Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness" begins one ODE
Lake litter FLOTSAM
Language that gave us "cheroot" and "curry" TAMIL
Lou Gehrig nickname, with "The" IRONHORSE
Louisville Slugger material ASH
Low in fat LEAN
Make changes to AMEND
Metric speed abbr KPH
Microwaving aid SARAN
Monkeys (with) TAMPERS
Mortar spreaders TROWELS
Most prudent WISEST
Mythological fire-breathers CHIMERAS
Narrowly escape bogey, in golf lingo SAVEPAR
National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall locale TAIPEI
Norms: Abbr STDS
Not right OFF
Not the best place for apple-tasting? EDEN
Not under the table LEGAL
Nothing but MERE
Office supply TONER
Office underling: Abbr ASST
Official arachnid of South Carolina WOLFSPIDER
On the money PRECISE
Once in a blue moon RARELY
Opening word? SESAME
Out of juice DEAD
Pajamaed publisher HEFNER
Pandora's inventory ILLS
Penguin suit TUXEDO
Pique condition IRE
Place with a pool YMCA
Political fund-raiser SUPERPAC
Position for Walter Cronkite ANCHORCHAIR
Qatar home of the Aspire Tower DOHA
Real poser ENIGMA
Rescue team on the slopes SKIPATROL
Ritalin target ADHD
River through Florence ARNO
Rooster's cue DAWN
Rose of rock AXL
Rounded hammer part PEEN
Rudiments ABCS
Seafood sauce TARTAR
Shout target STAIN
Silent film star Lillian GISH
Slammin' Sammy quartet EMS
Small bites NIPS
Smoke, perhaps CURE
Sources of after-hrs. cash ATMS
Spread unit ACRE
Starts over RESETS
Steals, as a toy DOGNAPS
Stir the fire STOKE
Stroll around the station? SPACEWALK
Stuck with KEPTTO
Sun Devils' sch ASU
Superhero letter ESS
Surfer wannabe HODAD
Surprise missions RAIDS
Texter's "Horrors!" OMG
That, in Mexico ESA
Three Stooges specialty ANTIC
Tipped toppers HATS
Twizzlers ingredient LICORICE
Two-dimensional measure AREA
Two-element tubes DIODES
Violinist Mischa ELMAN
Visibly stunned AGASP
Wasn't surprised KNEW
Western buds PARDS
Where Mozart met Haydn VIENNA
Wife of Zeus HERA
Wish list responder GENIE
__ center REC
__ Martin: Bond's car ASTON
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