How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Nov 28 2010

"... __ down in green pastures" TOLIE
"Arrivederci __" ROMA
"Be there in __" ASEC
"Death in Venice" author MANN
"It's on me" MYTREAT
"Nowhere Man: The Final Days of John Lennon" author Robert ROSEN
"__ Hers": 1994 Pulp album HISN
African lumberer RHINO
Again ANEW
Ale brewer Slosberg PETE
Alias AKA
Allium plant ONION
Allow to flow UNDAM
Altar agreement VOW
Alter, as an agreement AMEND
AQI monitor EPA
Arch opening? MATRI
Arouse STIR
Auto for Otto, maybe AUDI
Azerbaijani neighbor IRANI
Begin to take effect KICKIN
Biblical hardships FAMINES
Blow a 5-Across BURN
Bruins' sch. UCLA
Catch, as in a net ENMESH
Certain Dwarf's periodic outburst ACHOO
Certain Fed NARC
Chewy candy NOUGAT
Colleges, Down Under UNIS
Columbia Records jazz producer Macero TEO
Concur AGREE
Connecting symbol between musical notes TIE
Cornfield chatter CAWING
Curse OATH
Deadly slitherers ASPS
Decipher, as music READ
Detest HATE
Dethrones UNSEATS
Detroit labor gp. UAW
Doorway part JAMB
Doubly TWICE
Early Greek Cynic DIOGENES
Everlasting, to the bard ETERNE
Exalt LAUD
Faith of more than one billion ISLAM
Fe, in chemistry IRON
Fit perfectly SUITTOATEE
Flamboyant Dame EDNA
Fleur de __: sea salt SEL
Foot at the head? PEDI
Gas that both protects and pollutes OZONE
Georgia gridders, familiarly DAWGS
Gershwin title girl who can make "all the clouds ... roll away" LIZA
H1N1 virus, e.g. FLU
Half an attention-getter YOO
Hawthorne's "A" wearer PRYNNE
Hot rod rod AXLE
In order that SOASTO
Insect catchers WEBS
It's used for emphasis ITALICTEXT
Jacket line TITLE
Jalisco hundred CIEN
Jenny's sound BRAY
JFK served in it USN
King of rhyme COLE
King's domain REALM
Lawrence's men ARABS
Lays eggs in water SPAWNS
Learning style ROTE
Lighten up EASE
Like an ant. OPP
Like Steven Wright's humor DRY
Long time follower? NOSEE
Lyricist Gershwin IRA
Macho guy STUD
Making independent (from) WEANING
Marine hue AQUA
Monkees' jacket type NEHRU
More's allegorical island UTOPIA
Morsel SCRAP
Mother of Apollo LETO
Mother of Hector in the "Iliad" HECUBA
Mountain spine RIDGE
Mounted on ATOP
Narrowly defined verse HAIKU
Neil Diamond's "__ Said" IAMI
Net weight factors TARES
NFL ref's aid SLOMO
One with his name in lights? WATT
Oozing schmaltz MUSHY
Peephole feature, often LENS
Pest control brand DCON
Postnatal bed CRIB
Prayer start OGOD
Pulitzer winner Walker ALICE
Pun, usually GROANER
Remain calm STAYCOOL
Riveted AGAZE
Sadly ALAS
Same: Pref. EQUI
Sch. campus unit BLDG
Secretary of State under Reagan SHULTZ
Seize by force USURP
Show over RERUN
Singing hindrance TINEAR
Sly Foxx REDD
Small batteries AAAS
Smug sort SMARTIE
Something blown before a fight? FUSE
Southeast Asian island metropolis TAIPEI
Stream blocker WEIR
Stretches on the road LIMOS
Succeed in WINAT
Sushi bar drink SAKE
Sweeping matter SOOT
The American one is in the thrush family ROBIN
The sun, e.g. GSTAR
They're raised at bars SHOTS
This weekend's fridge contents, probably, and what's missing from five long puzzle answers? THANKSGIVINGLEFTOVERS
Tilt skywards TIPUP
Took up (with) SIDED
Trout fishing gear FLYRODS
Ultimate NTH
Via, old-style THRO
Vise feature JAW
Waffle topper SYRUP
__ Office OVAL
__-garou: werewolf LOUP
__-relief BAS
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