How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Nov 27 2008

"Don't play," in scores TACET
Ancient Israeli port JAFFA
Androgynous UNISEX
Broadcast AIR
Business card abbr. TEL
Company with an antlered animal logo DEERE
Cumberland Gap explorer BOONE
Delaware's northern border, e.g. ARC
Drano ingredient LYE
Earth/Hades boundary, in Greek myth STYX
Energize, and what the first words of 17-, 25-, 37- and 49-Across can be KICKSTART
Enjoyed a trail BIKED
Eschew driveway gravel, maybe PAVE
Flat agreement LEASE
Freudian technique FREEASSOCIATION
Games magazine's 1994 Game of the Year MYST
Genetic initials RNA
In once more RETRO
Japanese noodle dish RAMEN
Joe-__ weed: herbal remedy PYE
Like cactus SPINY
Like some starts FALSE
Like tangled hair MATTED
Lip-__ SYNC
Magnetic medium TAPE
Makeshift folk instruments JUGS
Mandela's org. ANC
Menagerie ZOO
National Do Not Call Registry org. FTC
Not a good looker? OGLER
Ornamental carp KOI
Oscar-winning Whitaker role AMIN
Parcel out ALLOT
Park surrounded by water? DROPANCHOR
Part of el año ENERO
Part of Hispaniola HAITI
Path to enlightenment ZEN
Patio party letters BBQ
Pinkish-orange CORAL
Powder holder KEG
Promising letters IOU
Pulitzer playwright Akins ZOE
PX patrons GIS
Ranch handle TEX
Ring competidores TOROS
Russian pancakes BLINI
Sans opposite AVEC
Scott in an 1857 case DRED
Seder staple MATZO
Seeing red RILED
Somme summer ETE
Sphere of activity ARENA
Sri Lankan export TEA
Staff symbol GCLEF
Switch on a radio AMFM
Take a piece from? UNARM
Taxing trip TREK
Theater __ ARTS
Things with ltrs. ENCLS
Tiny part of a min. NSEC
Tricky rink move DEKE
Two paces per second, in a march QUICKTIME
Two-star system BINARY
Uppity sort SNOOT
Visual signaling apparatus SEMAPHORE
Voting choice NAY
Waist-length jackets ETONS
Web issue EZINE
Whatever happens ATANYRATE
Where a rule-breaking Canadien may be seen PENALTYBOX
Women's size PETITE
Word with beat or heat DEAD
Words, informally VOCAB
www.amazon.com, e.g. URL
Year in which the Colosseum opened EIGHTY
Zwei und zwei VIER
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