How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Nov 25 2015

"Et alia" lang LAT
"Everybody Loves Raymond" actor PETERBOYLE
"Inferno" poet DANTE
"No more details, please" TMI
Actress Téa LEONI
Begged PLED
Benjamin of "Law & Order" BRATT
Bledel of "Gilmore Girls" ALEXIS
Canine doc's deg.? DDS
Capital south of Lillehammer OSLO
Classic Belafonte song opening DAYO
Connect with TIETO
Construction area marker CONE
Consumed EATEN
Creative output ART
Dead weight in a portfolio TOXICASSET
Did something ACTED
Diving ocean birds ERNES
Elephant ancestor MASTODON
Ellington's "Take __ Train" THEA
Endures LASTS
French port on the Strait of Dover CALAIS
French-speaking island country HAITI
Frenzied revelry ORGY
Game-ending declaration CHECKMATE
Genre of the '60s hits "Pipeline" and "Wipe Out" SURFMUSIC
Hideaway LAIR
Highway officers TROOPERS
Homeric classic ILIAD
Ibuprofen target ACHE
Letter-erasing key DELETE
Lightweight shirts CAMISES
Load off one's mine? ORE
Low on the Mohs scale SOFT
Low-tech card file ROLODEX
More than just passed ACED
Not 'neath OER
Not in the clergy LAY
Not tricked by ONTO
Off-the-cushion shot CAROM
Ogles obliquely LEERSAT
Opera number ARIA
Opposite of post- PRE
Ottawa-based law gp RCMP
Perfume compound ESTER
Peru's largest city LIMA
Philanthropist Yale ELIHU
Pierre's toast SALUT
Prince Charming's mount STEED
Producer's nightmare FLOP
Remote button MUTE
Sailor TAR
Sculptor's medium MARBLE
See 25-Down BANA
Sell a bridge to, say? CON
Senator Harry REID
Sharing a common culture ETHNIC
Son of Adam SETH
Stop the launch ABORT
Sufferer healed by Jesus LEPER
Sun, in Sonora SOL
Sundial topper XII
Symbol of losses REDINK
Television SET
Trapdoor location FLOOR
Usually multilayered dessert TORTE
Watch someone's kids SIT
Where billions live ASIA
Where heros are made DELI
Wholeheartedly, or words that can precede the first and second parts, respectively, of 17-, 31- and 49-Across BODYANDSOUL
With 2-Down, "Hulk" star ERIC
Word sung after the ball drops SYNE
Wyoming's __ Range TETON
Yorkshire pudding or bangers and mash ENGLISHFOOD
__ button PANIC
__ well OIL
__-American AFRO
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