How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Nov 15 2013

"... with __-foot pole!" ATEN
"Aladdin" parrot IAGO
"Awake in the Dark" author EBERT
"Come __ the sea, / Maiden with me": Thomas Moore OER
"Gone With the Wind" feature DRAWL
"Oh, when will they __ learn?": Seeger lyric EVER
"Stormy Weather" composer ARLEN
"__ goes!" HERE
"__ you be my neighbor?": Mister Rogers WONT
1993 Disney acquisition MIRAMAX
Baby bug LARVA
Back then, back when ERST
Bad place to be shipwrecked? EVILISLE
Bartlett cousin BOSC
Big name in game shows MERV
Blueprint PLAN
Brewery shipments CASES
Compact containers? GARAGES
Daredevil Knievel EVEL
Day song word SERA
Decision clouder BIAS
Declaim ORATE
Delight JOY
Dorothy Hamill maneuver AXEL
Duke of Cornwall's wife, in Shakespeare REGAN
Equinox mo SEP
Excites SENDS
FDR power program TVA
Fish with no pelvic fin EEL
For fear that LEST
Geometry shortening TAN
Go down SINK
Great Lakes st IND
Halogens, e.g ELEMENTS
Height meas ELEV
Hunter's trophy ANTLER
It rarely happens at home STEAL
Jessica of "Total Recall" BIEL
Legislative decision ACT
Little League starters? ELS
Longing YEN
Lysol target GERM
Making waves, perhaps ASEA
Maritime NAVAL
Memo start INRE
More, in Morelia MAS
Most hackneyed STALEST
Musical range ALTO
November honorees VETS
Place to retire INN
Poetic preposition ERE
Porky's jacket and tie? PIGSTYLE
Pre-law classroom exercise? COLLEGETRIAL
Prohibition at the Ivory soap factory? NEVERSAYDIAL
Rousseau's "__, or On Education" EMILE
Runway model? JET
Salisbury __ STEAK
Samoan port APIA
Season, in a way SALT
Seismograph readings TREMORS
Sermon topic SIN
Sharp turns ZIGS
Soccer star Lionel who won the Ballon d'Or each of the last four years MESSI
Source of many dialogues PLATO
Spice ZIP
Theoretical foreigners, briefly ETS
Through VIA
Twist et al OLIVERS
U.S. citizen AMER
Waiting to buy tickets, say INLINE
__ belt CONVEYOR
__ ghanouj: eggplant dish BABA
__ hour HAPPY
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