How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Nov 09 2014

"Just a __" SEC
"Not to mention ..." AND
"Rule, Britannia" composer ARNE
"That's what I think," in chatspeak IMO
"__ Pierce": Kate Winslet miniseries MILDRED
'50s/'60s character actor Lyle BETTGER
35mm camera option SLR
401, to Marcus CDI
Acerbic fruit? BITINGCHERRY
After all adjustments NET
Agree to more issues RENEW
Artist's digs LOFT
Atelier figure PAINTER
Athlete who's now a National EXPO
Attempt STAB
Audio receiver? EAR
Awakens, with "to" COMES
Basic building block ATOM
Beatles' "A __ in the Life" DAY
Bellini opera NORMA
Beowulf's foe GRENDEL
Bridge position EAST
Brief reply? ANS
Browning work POEM
Brylcreem amount DAB
Bucket of bolts HEAP
Cartel acronym OPEC
Certain candidate's goal SEAT
Choice group ELITE
Clanton gang leader IKE
Coastal irregularities INLETS
Coastal irregularity COVE
Coiled menace RATTLER
Collector's goal SET
Commandment word SHALT
Cousin of a Tony OBIE
Cultural pursuits with limits? FINITEARTS
Czech. neighbor GER
Datebook notation ENTRY
Departure from the bookstore? EXITLIBRIS
Destroyer of some castles TIDE
Diminutive flower? PETITEROSE
Diner "raft" TOAST
Discoverer of Vinland ERICSON
Do better than SURPASS
Dog's "Ouch!" YELP
Eminem genre RAP
Entered rudely BARGEDIN
Enthusiasm SPIRIT
Escapades ANTICS
Everything, in Essen ALLES
Fired on SHOTAT
Flinders in Adelaide, e.g., briefly UNI
Ford fiasco EDSEL
Former "big four" record company EMI
Free as __ ABIRD
French governing body SENAT
Giant gods waiting for tickets? TITANLINES
Grafton's "__ for Evidence" EIS
Granada grain ARROZ
Having all the pieces ENTIRE
Help in a burglary ABET
Historical record ANNAL
Hitter's "lumber" BAT
Home of the Pac-12's Wildcats ARIZONA
Hot condition IRE
Hot spot OVEN
Indispensable poet? VITALKILMER
Insolence, in modern slang TUDE
Iowa campus COE
It may be reached VERDICT
Kindle Fire, for one TABLET
Kitty with no fur POT
Ladder parts RUNGS
Lame answer to "Where's your homework?" ILOSTIT
Legally binding, as a contract VALID
Leighton of "Gossip Girl" MEESTER
Lhasa __ APSO
Little helper? ASST
Messages on packages INDICIA
Met on the sly TRYSTED
Mexican bread DINERO
Miami daily HERALD
Michelin products TIRES
Middle of England? CENTRE
Model/actress Mendes EVA
More spooky EERIER
Musician to feel sorry for? PITIEDPIPER
Near East inn SERAI
Novel set in a church? PULPITFICTION
Old, in Oberhausen ALTE
Olds compact ALERO
Ominous words ORELSE
One needing a lift SKIER
Outlet site WALL
Overzealous RABID
Part of the "M*A*S*H" set MESSHALL
Party rides PONIES
Passbook entry DEPOSIT
Pay for a hand ANTE
Pea pokers TINES
Peerage member EARL
Pieces of peanut butter? REESES
Political pundit Myers DEEDEE
Prefix with space AERO
Press closing URE
Prevailed WONOUT
Provoked reaction RISE
Put away the groceries? ATE
QB's targets TES
Ralph of "The Waltons" WAITE
Randy of country TRAVIS
Romney foe OBAMA
Round fig CIR
Scandinavian toast SKOAL
Screen __ TEST
Scriabin piece ETUDE
See 98-Down TALE
Seesaw complement TWO
Serious transport? GRAVITYTRAIN
Sewer cover GRATE
Shield border, in heraldry ORLE
Shocked INAWE
Short, shortened LIL
Small silvery fish SMELT
Sneaky chuckle HEH
Some summer births LEOS
Spring births, perhaps ARIES
Staples Center player LAKER
Studio sign word AIR
Tatters RAGS
TD Garden, e.g ARENA
They may be cut by perps DEALS
This minute NOW
Twelve Oaks neighbor TARA
Uncertainties IFS
Uncool types NERDS
Understood GOT
Vatican vestment ORALE
West of Georgia KANYE
With 22-Across, extravagant account TALL
Word Casper seldom uses BOO
__ milk SOY
__-Wreck RENTA
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