How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Nov 08 2012

"No argument from me!" ILLSAY
"To All the Girls __ Loved Before": 1984 #1 country hit IVE
Act the troubadour STRUM
Bank (on) RELY
Barrel-bottom stuff LEES
Beastly VILE
Beat a hasty retreat FLEE
Between ports ASEA
Bit of subterfuge RUSE
Brake SLOW
Church alcove APSE
Country singer Keith TOBY
Data storage medium CDROM
Despicable character LOUSE
Detergent ad superlative CLEANEST
Distinctive periods ERAS
Drive train component AXLE
End of eternity? WYE
Entrance requirement, often EXAM
Epidermal opening PORE
Eyelid affliction STYE
Frat party wear TOGA
From scratch ANEW
Fuse into a single entity CONFLATE
Gabfest activity JAWING
Give it up, so to speak CLAP
Go up against TAKEON
Gp. that includes Venezuela OPEC
Has a bug, or bugs AILS
Hide-hair connection NOR
Hippocratic Oath no-no HARM
Holiday hires TEMPS
It can be bruised EGO
It usually loses in war TREY
Jambalaya, e.g STEW
Joint sometimes replaced KNEE
Like some excuses FLIMSY
Lo-cal LITE
Longtime Mississippi senator LOTT
Manipulate USE
More than amuse SLAY
Mustang contemporaries GTOS
Offer with no intention of giving, say TEASE
On the qui vive ALERT
Opted for CHOSE
Plumbing bends ELLS
Pours messily SLOPS
Protein-rich bean SOYA
Really enjoyed ATEUP
Red wine choice MERLOT
Rural valley GLEN
Sailor's assent AYE
Script snippet LINE
Seafood order SOLE
Sharp cry YELP
Show disapproval JEER
Show whose cast holds the record for the most charted songs on the Billboard Hot 100 GLEE
Skid row types WINOS
Smelting waste SLAG
Soft palate projection UVULA
Spot for a lectern DAIS
Spring-__ cycle: tidal phenomenon NEAP
Stuff CRAM
Summer beverage ICETEA
Two-minute warning giver REF
Twofold DUAL
Uncle Sam poster word YOU
Warmup act OPENER
Watch the boob tube, say VEGOUT
__ stick POGO
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