How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Nov 08 2010

"One Day __ Time" ATA
"The Star-Spangled Banner" start OSAY
"The way I see it," in online shorthand IMO
"__ the season to be jolly ..." TIS
'80s-'90s Anaheim Stadium NFL team LARAMS
2009 Clooney/Streep film based on a Roald Dahl book FANTASTICMRFOX
A, B, C, D, E, or K VITAMIN
Abandon on an island MAROON
Actress Spacek SISSY
And others: Latin ETALIA
Apollo Theater site HARLEM
Before the state's cut, as income PRETAX
Biblical beast ASS
Botch something up ERR
Celery pieces STALKS
Condé __ Publications NAST
Dali display, say ART
Destiny KARMA
Display ostentatiously FLAUNT
El __: climate pattern NINO
Fancy scarf ASCOT
Flies in the clouds SOARS
Flu symptom FEVER
Former student ALUM
From Canada's capital OTTAWAN
Giorgio known for snazzy suits ARMANI
Glittery rock style typified by David Bowie GLAM
Gripe and grouse KVETCH
Halloween option TREAT
Hipbone-related ILIAC
Holler YELL
Icy space streakers COMETS
KFC's Sanders, e.g. COL
Kitschy lawn ornament PLASTICFLAMINGO
Landlord's contract LEASE
Last resort actions DRASTICMEASURES
Like 20 Questions questions YESNO
Like a fine line THIN
Like corn and apples SEASONAL
Like some gases INERT
Loughlin of "90210" LORI
Lymphatic tissue masses NODES
Maiden name lead-in NEE
Malia Obama's sister SASHA
Mark Harmon military TV drama NCIS
Masculine MALE
Mennen shaving lotion AFTA
Message passed in class NOTE
More than enough AMPLE
NBA tiebreakers OTS
Oklahoma oil city TULSA
Old Greek coin DRACHMA
Over, in Germany UBER
PCs from Big Blue IBMS
Peru's capital LIMA
Posing no challenge EASY
Pull a scam on CON
Put together, as a book BIND
Ratchets (up) AMPS
Reached, as goals ATTAINED
Rita who shouted "Hey you guys!" on "The Electric Company" MORENO
Saint Stephen's punishment for blasphemy STONING
Scrunchie, e.g. ELASTICHAIRTIE
Since Jan. 1, on a financial report YTD
Soccer moms' transports VANS
Sorrow WOE
Top poker pair ACES
Uncertain IFFY
Univ. sr.'s exam GRE
Vote against NAY
Water carrier BUCKET
Women SHES
Words of defeat ILOST
__ moment: sudden realization AHA
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