How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Nov 07 2010

"Amazing" magician RANDI
"Contract Bridge Complete" author GOREN
"Dies __" IRAE
"Oxford Book of Eng. Verse," e.g. ANTH
"Rescue Me" star Denis LEARY
"That was close!" PHEW
"The dele is off" notations STETS
"The Louisville Lip" ALI
"The World Factbook" publisher CIA
"Victory was not mine" ILOST
"__ for Alibi": Grafton novel AIS
1980s-'90s NBA forward Larry NANCE
Act like an ass BRAY
Actress Bankhead TALLULAH
Actress __ Longoria Parker EVA
Affaire de __ COEUR
Afternoon "opera" SOAP
Afternoon rest SIESTA
Asian leader with a degree from a university named for his father KIMJONGIL
Asian parting SAYONARA
Authenticated: Abbr. CERT
Bangladesh was once part of it: Abbr. PAK
Bergen dummy SNERD
Bird dog's rest? POINTINGBREAK
Board vacancy? KNOTHOLE
Broadcasting ONAIR
Caesar and others SIDS
Cain's victim ABEL
Carp from Kyoto KOI
Cause of a power tool failure? BUSHINGBURN
City accessible by ferry from Marseilles ORAN
Co-writer of many Eagles hits GLENNFREY
Commuter line with a Montauk Branch: Abbr. LIRR
Confederate UNITE
Cutlass model CIERA
Defensive karate move? BLOCKINGCHOP
Desperation guess STAB
Dieter's catchword LITE
Discussion about which way to go? HEADINGTALK
Dustin's '69 Oscar-nominated role RATSO
Ebro and Guadalquivir, por ejemplo RIOS
Family nickname SIS
Financial security of a kind BANKGUARD
Flips the "Open" sign CLOSES
Flu-like symptoms AGUES
Frozen Four org. NCAA
Galway Bay site EIRE
Gardner of fiction ERLE
Gardner on screen AVA
Gather little by little GLEAN
German "I" ICH
Go 12-Down SNAP
Graceful molding OGEE
Group cultural values ETHOS
Had between meals SNACKEDON
Hair removal product NEET
Handle holder CBER
Hankering URGE
High court returns LOBS
Hindu spiritual manual SUTRA
Hit on the head CONK
Hits-per-AB stats AVGS
Identical gift container? MATCHINGBOX
Imitation fish food LURE
Indoctrinate BRAINWASH
Installed, as brick LAID
Island WSW of Rhodes CRETE
It may be muted AUDIO
It's a sign OMEN
It's out on a limb HAND
Japanese noodle SOBA
Judge's decision OVERRULED
Land surrounded by agua ISLA
Leg-foot link ANKLE
Like most cramming ALLNIGHT
Lily variety CALLA
Many a Saudi ARAB
Many virtuoso performances SOLI
Mars, to the Greeks ARES
Massenet opera MANON
Mdse. GDS
Mercedes line ECLASS
Microbrew, maybe ALE
More or less, e.g.: Abbr. ADJ
Most racers, after the race ALSORANS
Movement in some Bach suites GIGUE
Music to pitch hay by? FORKINGTUNE
Neat ending? NIK
Nita of silents NALDI
Old Plymouth FURY
Ornithologists' bird-tagging outing? BANDINGMARCH
Pablo's gal pal AMIGA
Part of a shutter SLAT
Peacock network NBC
Pi-sigma link RHO
Pickled LIT
Place SET
Pre-tied tie CLIPON
Printer maker EPSON
Programmers' output CODES
Promote in a big way TOUT
Prophet AUGUR
Pull someone's leg KID
Pulldown beneficiary, for short LAT
Quadri- plus bi- HEXA
Rouse again REAWAKEN
Sail for a downwind course SPINNAKER
Senator Hatch ORRIN
Sensible emanation ODOR
Short CURT
Skyward, in Hebrew ELAL
Some Spanish medals OROS
Son of Sarah ISAAC
Spewed magma LAVA
Split equally BISECT
Stage players taking a nap? COUCHINGCAST
Stevenson villain HYDE
Sunbeam, e.g.? IRONINGBRAND
Supporting __ ROLE
Syndication staple RERUN
Taro dish POI
The Huskies of the 8-Down's Big East UCONN
Time period that isn't always the same: Abbr. FEB
Tony winner Neuwirth BEBE
Toothpaste option GEL
Traffic CARS
Turkish leader AGHA
Turns seaward EBBS
Type of pear BOSC
Unexploded LIVE
Very much ALOT
Ward of "CSI: NY" SELA
Weed __: lawn-care product BGON
What lawn liming reduces ACID
Wooden team, once UCLA
__' Pea SWEE
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