How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Nov 06 2016

"... 'tis not to me __ speaks": Romeo SHE
"Fear of Flying" author Jong ERICA
"Forrest Gump" lieutenant DAN
"Man on the Moon" group REM
"The Librarians" channel TNT
"The Piano" extras MAORIS
"The Tell-Tale Heart" author POE
"The Walking Dead" veterinarian HERSHEL
Advanced deg PHD
African menaces TSETSES
Aquarium fish TETRA
Baltic republic ESTONIA
Biblical captain NOAH
Big name in Bible distribution GIDEON
Bill collector TILL
Blew the whistle SANG
Boxing's "Manassa Mauler" DEMPSEY
Can't abide DETEST
Car nut LUG
Catlike FELINE
Celebrated NOTED
Cellular messenger RNA
Challenge for Homer BART
Close at hand NIGH
Come together GEL
Compared to THAN
Confuse ADDLE
Crown coatings ENAMELS
Delicate FINE
Diamond surfaces FACETS
Dr. Seuss, e.g.? UPBEATPOET
Drive URGE
Drive off REPEL
Driving need LICENSE
Dude BRO
Easter Island's country CHILE
Equipped ARMED
Exit quietly, in a Dylan Thomas poem GOGENTLE
Fabric flaw TEAR
Features of many '50s-'60s cars FINS
Film add-on FEST
Finished SUNK
First word in the Beach Boys' "Kokomo" ARUBA
Friend of Yossarian in "Catch-22" ORR
Get together on a ranch HERD
Gets coverage for INSURES
Grand Canal traveler GONDOLA
Guides for drivers LANES
Hand-played drum TOMTOM
Holiday song closer SYNE
Ike's WWII command ETO
In the past AGO
It may be checked at the station OIL
It may be coiled on a saddle horn LASSO
It's not always easy to get into SHAPE
Jockey competitor HANES
Juice for PCs ELEC
Knowledgeable, in Nantes AUFAIT
Lean-eater Jack SPRAT
Leave a note for, maybe REMIND
Like a storied wolf BIGBAD
Love god EROS
Manchester United rival ARSENAL
Medicinal plants ALOES
Mineo of "Exodus" SAL
More than just cooks CHEFS
Morning phenomenon DEW
Move up the corporate ladder GETAHEAD
Newcomer NOVICE
Next in line HEIR
Nissan Stadium player TITAN
No more than ONLY
Not a soul NOONE
Not at all in order MESSY
Numbers to shoot for PARS
Nursery resident TREE
OED info DEF
Old anesthetics ETHERS
Only NATO member with no standing army ICELAND
ORD posting ETA
Org. for physicians AMA
Organs sometimes vented? SPLEENS
Outperform crew members in the ship play? UPSTAGEHANDS
Pair for date night HEELS
Pakistani language URDU
Penny-colored COPPERY
Peoria-to-Gary dir ENE
Perform again REPRISE
Periods of distress? UPSETTIMES
Phobias FEARS
Piece of fiction SHAM
Piling on, say ADDING
Pitchfork part TINE
Pop/country singer Lee and others BRENDAS
Possesses HAS
Presidential souvenir PEN
Profession for the principled? UPRIGHTFIELD
Project Blue Book subj UFO
Promising market indicators? UPTURNSIGNALS
Pursue relentlessly DOG
Put back in REINSERT
Put down DERIDED
QB stats TDS
Resonator for a jug band bass WASHTUB
Reuters competitor UPI
Ring jinglers KEYS
Run ashore BEACH
Ryder Cup team USA
Sask. neighbor ALTA
Senate garment TOGA
Settler? ARBITER
Shout CRY
Small cells AAS
Smoke remains ASH
Sorrowful song DIRGE
Suddenly caught on TWIGGED
Sun Tzu subject WAR
Tailor's concern FIT
Test for purity, as gold ASSAY
The bad guys THEM
The snakes in Indiana Jones' "Why do they have to be snakes?" ASPS
They're often taken orally OATHS
Titleholder CHAMP
Tool used in a box BAT
Totally lost ATSEA
Toy trains for tycoons? UPSCALEMODELRAILROADS
Tree that typically has paddle-shaped leaves FANPALM
Tries earnestly (for) GUNS
U.N. workers' agcy ILO
Vague answer, say EVASION
Weather map depiction AIRMASS
What a ponytail partly covers NAPE
What oaks may provide SHADE
What pillows may do, in a kids' room? UPHOLDTHEFORT
Where to see stars SPACE
Wine choice RED
__ code BAR
__ de mer MAL
__ En-lai CHOU
__ Geo: nature channel NAT
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