How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Nov 06 2014

"The Magnificent Ambersons" director WELLES
"You can't be serious" COMENOW
54-Across reorder, with "the" SAME
A few rounds, e.g AMMO
Actor Brynner YUL
Actor who spoke the line, "I'd show him who was king of the forest!" LAHR
Andean tuber OCA
Annapolis inst USNA
Anxious place to be HOTSEAT
Attention to detail CARE
Bag-screening org TSA
Banner advertising overstocked shelves? SURPLUSSIGN
Big brute OGRE
Bring in HIRE
City boss MAYOR
City west of Daytona Beach OCALA
Corrida critter TORO
Cotillion honoree DEB
Cyberchats, briefly IMS
Dent, say MAR
Dim __ SUM
Emmy category DRAMA
Eruption output MOLTENLAVA
Everlasting, to the bard ETERNE
Fascinated by INTO
Frank quality CANDOR
Get to work again REPAIR
Give off EMIT
Greek restaurant offerings GYROS
Gusto VIM
Hesitant sounds UMS
Hush-hush hookups TRYSTS
Ignoring, with "to" DEAF
In __: stuck ARUT
Install, as tiles LAY
Intractable beast ASS
It often gets blown off STEAM
Laugh-a-minute type RIOT
Lyrical "before" ERE
Many AARP members: Abbr SRS
Moonshine source STILL
Mushroom part STEM
Newborn nurturer MOM
Northern terminus of I-79 ERIE
Not as expensive LESS
Pioneering computer ENIAC
Pony up PAY
President pro __ TEM
Probably not a really good show FLOP
Purse counterpart MANBAG
Put one over on SNOW
Reasons to pull out the tarp RAINSTORMS
Release payment RANSOM
Rest of the afternoon? NAP
Running wild ONATEAR
Sacks out SLEEPS
Sanctuary section APSE
Scoop a major news magazine? SURPASSTIME
Shade-loving plant HOSTA
Sharing word APIECE
Sheriff of Nottingham's plan? SURROUNDROBIN
Slow and steady GRADUAL
Son of Adam ABEL
Subscriber's gift TOTE
Take unfair advantage of, as a privilege ABUSE
Text __ EDITOR
Title for Sean Connery SIR
Village Voice awards OBIES
Watering hole BAR
Wind quintet member OBOE
Window units, briefly ACS
Wool source LLAMA
WWII battleground STLO
Yields to gravity SAGS
__ bath MUD
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