How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Nov 06 2007

"Divine Comedy" author DANTE
"For __ us a child is born ..." UNTO
"I've got an __!" IDEA
Abs exercise CRUNCH
Astronomer Sagan CARL
Australian port city PERTH
Award named for Poe EDGAR
Barbarian BOOR
Blunders ERRS
Busy pro in Apr. CPA
Caught in a trap SNARED
Christmas drink EGGNOG
CIA's ancestor OSS
Contemptuous look SNEER
Culturally pretentious ARTY
Distressed cry ALAS
Dramatist Chekhov ANTON
Driving-toward-the-sun problem GLARE
Ending with movie or theater GOER
Esoteric ARCANE
Expressed, as farewell BADE
Fairy tale monster OGRE
First sign of the zodiac ARIES
Freight train stowaway HOBO
Gladiator's battlefield ARENA
Glimpsed SEEN
High muck-a-muck VIP
Hospitable wreath LEI
Hurricane centers EYES
Indian coin RUPEE
Less carpeted BARER
Lotte of "From Russia With Love" LENYA
Lovely, like a lassie BONNY
Make very thirsty PARCH
Make, as a CD copy BURN
Meditate MUSE
Mimic APER
Molten materials MAGMAS
Nary a soul NOONE
Nevada gambling mecca RENO
Old Testament's Queen of __ SHEBA
Opera highlight ARIA
Orange cover PEEL
Presage OMEN
Priced individually, on menus ALACARTE
Restaurant after-dinner convenience DOGGYBAG
Rhythm BEAT
Sandra or Ruby DEE
Scottish family CLAN
Search blindly GROPE
Seasonal songs NOELS
Sharp feeling PANG
Shrink's concerns EGOS
Sicilian volcano ETNA
Sixth-day-of-Christmas gift GEESE
St. Louis landmark ARCH
Stalk in a marsh REED
Story told in episodes SERIAL
Strutter on a runway MODEL
T-shirt sizes SMALLS
Thinly distributed SPARSE
Time worth remembering ERA
Toe's opposite HEEL
Uninteresting Arizona attraction? BLANDCANYON
Uninteresting New York waterway? DREARYCANAL
Uninteresting North Pacific area? BORINGSEA
Uninteresting South Dakota municipality? VAPIDCITY
Use the checkbook SPEND
Utopia EDEN
Vaulted church part APSE
Virginia __ REEL
Watch face DIAL
Waterlogged SOGGY
Weaker team's win UPSET
Wedding dances HORAS
Window division PANE
Word after "take a" or "leave a," at the register PENNY
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