How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Nov 04 2008

"Battle of the Network Stars" contest TUGOFWAR
"Easy!" ASNAP
"Hollywood Squares" loser OOX
"Junk begets junk" computer acronym GIGO
"Marnie" star Hedren TIPPI
"Trinity" author URIS
"Wow!" OOH
"Wow!" GEE
"__ better to have loved ...": Tennyson TIS
Actor Christopher REEVE
Amorphous movie monster BLOB
Approves OKS
Arcade games pioneer ATARI
Archie or Jughead, always TEEN
Become mired in BOGDOWNWITH
Berle sidekick Arnold STANG
Brass band instrument TUBA
Buddhist sect ZEN
Caesar's "I came" VENI
Childlike Wells race ELOI
Chinese secret society TONG
Computer nerds GEEKS
Corp. honcho CEO
Crimson rival ELI
Crystallize JELL
Deadly FATAL
Disagree, politely BEGTODIFFER
Eaves hanger that attracts insects BUGZAPPER
Electees INS
Follow-up film: Abbr. SEQ
Frigate front PROW
Furtive SLY
Futile NOUSE
Golfer's set IRONS
Gossip JAW
Greens __: golfers' payments FEES
Half an iron-horse sound CHOO
Hard to see through DENSE
Having four sharps INE
Highfalutin LADIDA
Hobgoblin BOGY
In the thick of AMID
Inter __ ALIA
Jargon LINGO
Joule fragments ERGS
More, commercially XTRA
Mother of Helen LEDA
Nano holder IPODCASE
Narrative verse EPOS
Not __ many words INSO
Per-unit pay scales PIECERATES
Pretentious talker BAGOFWIND
Psych suffix OSIS
Rinky-dink TWOBIT
Rock group with a mirrored logo ABBA
Sadat of Egypt ANWAR
Sample, for example? RHYME
Schnoz SNOOT
Shortened wd. ABBR
Sicilian secret society MAFIA
Spring bloomer IRIS
Steal, slangily GLOM
Texas Hold'em, e.g. POKER
Took the train RODE
Trifling amount SOU
Triumphant card game cry GIN
Trumpet sound BLARE
Verbal nod ISEE
Where the Tigris and Euphrates meet IRAQ
Wise about, to a cool cat HEPTO
Wisecracking TV E.T. ALF
Workers' group UNION
WWII-ending weapon ABOMB
WWW address URL
Yawn-inducing BLAH
Youngster TYKE
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