How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Nov 03 2013

"Beavis and Butt-head" spin-off DARIA
"Fearful" feature of Blake's Tyger SYMMETRY
"No kidding" REALLY
"The Genius of Keyboard" jazzman TATUM
"The Weaver of Raveloe" MARNER
"Toad of Toad Hall" playwright MILNE
'40s film critic James AGEE
20, in Toulouse VINGT
A, for Mozart EIN
Abstain from FORGO
Access, in a way LOGONTO
AFL partner CIO
All excited AGOG
And so on: Abbr ETC
Bad acting SIN
Baker's preparation BATTER
Basic building material ATOMS
Bears, to Ovid URSAE
Big wind GALE
Big wind TUBA
Bird's org NBA
Bloom holder VASE
Book displays RACKS
Brazilian range __ do Mar SERRA
Budget, in brand names ECONO
Busy buzzer BEE
Carl with Emmys REINER
Catch GET
Cats in Cádiz GATOS
Certain terrier's isle SKYE
Classic auto REO
Coffee break treat CREAMDOUGHNUT
Coleridge storyteller MARINER
Commandment opener THOU
Curling surface ICE
Cyberjunk SPAM
Deadhead's idol GARCIA
Deli sandwich EGGSALAD
Dick Tracy creator Chester GOULD
Disease-struck tree ELM
Disney king SIMBA
Dixie general LEE
Do clerical work FILE
Doesn't disturb LETSBE
Durban dough RAND
ER procedure CPR
Everyday connectors ANDS
Eye protector LID
Fight stopper TKO
Follow OBEY
Gets ready to shoot COCKS
Hot Wheels maker MATTEL
House minority leader PELOSI
Insatiable GREEDY
Irish tenor Tynan RONAN
It may be long STORY
Jack and the missus of verse SPRATS
Jesus of baseball ALOU
Kitchen wrap SARAN
Legal hurdle BAREXAM
Lennon's "Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except __ My Monkey" MEAND
Letter after pi RHO
Letters seen before Fridays TGI
Like a dogfight missile AIRTOAIR
Like some locomotives STEAMDRIVEN
Lop off SEVER
Loses strength FLAGS
Madhouses ZOOS
Make cherished ENDEAR
Mark for future reference DOGEAR
McGarrett's outfit, familiarly FIVEO
Milhous : Nixon :: __ : Garfield ABRAM
Minor league baseball level CLASSA
Montana motto metal PLATA
NFL six-pointers TDS
Nihilistic art movement DADA
North Amer. WWII fliers RCAF
Obama attorney general Holder ERIC
Oil well firefighter Red ADAIR
One missing roll call, perhaps AWOL
Onetime Rus. state SSR
Online financial site ETRADE
Online letters EMAILS
Overcharge GOUGE
Per person APOP
Perry Mason story, e.g COURTROOMDRAMA
Pipe cleaner DRANO
Poetic fighter ALI
Pope in Attila's time STLEO
Post-hurricane assessment STORMDAMAGE
Prayer opener OLORD
Puzzle title people hidden in eight long answers MDS
Rattle FAZE
Restrain CURB
Restraint usually seen in pairs MANACLE
Revealing garb MINIS
Riles up IRES
Rope on the briny TYE
Run-down SEEDY
Salon stock DYE
Scary tests ORALS
Scorch CHAR
Seek redress SUE
SFO listing ETD
Shooting marbles TAWS
Shorten, as a skirt REHEM
Signed promise IOU
Slippery one EEL
Slow work ADAGIO
Small-screen Bean ORSON
Sneeze cause DANDER
Some deer BUCKS
Song title words before "for Miles" ICANSEE
Spice Girl Halliwell GERI
Spring toy SLINKY
Stadium protectors DOMES
Stimpy's pal REN
Stirred AWOKE
Strains TAXES
Stub __ ATOE
Supply in a farm country store FEED
Surgical tie LIGATURE
Symbol of a bettor's certainty BOTTOMDOLLAR
Tactful handling FINESSE
Tapestry behind which Polonius hid ARRAS
Tasman and a Genesis shepherd ABELS
The Missouri R. runs through it SDAK
Thin as __ AREED
Took the plunge DIVED
Took turns in succession ROTATED
Toward the front UPAHEAD
Unit or sect suffix ARIAN
Utter SAY
Voyaging, say ASEA
Where TV's "Charlie's Angels" was set INLA
Wilde's "The Importance of Being Earnest," e.g FARCE
Winners can be determined by one RANDOMDRAWING
Yemen's capital SANAA
Zest source RIND
__ football ARENA
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