How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Nov 02 2016

"Do it, __ will!" ORI
"Geez!" YIPE
"Gotta go!" SEEYALATER
"Hee __" HAW
"Looney Tunes" stinker, familiarly PEPE
"Noah kept bees in the ark hive," e.g PUN
"Yet cease your __, you angry stars of heaven!": "Pericles" IRE
"__ Only Just Begun": Carpenters hit WEVE
'70s-'90s African state ZAIRE
Agent REP
Antelopes, to lions PREY
At any point EVER
Barely makes, with "out" EKES
Bed blossoms PANSIES
Big name in big projections IMAX
BlackBerries, e.g PDAS
Boomer's kid XER
Bumpkin RUBE
Canadian whisky RYE
Capp and Capone ALS
Charges for use of, as an apartment RENTSTO
Check out EXAMINE
Civil War nickname ABE
Club owner? GOLFER
Compound in many disposable coffee cups STYRENE
Corn Belt sight SILO
County seat of County Clare ENNIS
Cuts down HEWS
Dessert drink made from frozen grapes ICEWINE
Disney doe ENA
E-cigarette output VAPOR
Easy pace LOPE
Establishes SETS
Fancy jug EWER
Firefighter's tool AXE
Forms a big stack PILESUP
Garson of Hollywood GREER
GI hangout USO
Go on and on YAP
Govt. property overseer GSA
Has a conniption GOESAPE
Henry VIII's third wife JANESEYMOUR
Hide from a hunter? PELT
Hyundai rival KIA
Kaiser roll topping POPPYSEED
Lanai music maker UKE
Less-played song, usually BSIDE
Like Andean pyramids INCAN
Manner MIEN
Modern Persians IRANIS
Navigation hazard HAZE
Nutty green sauce PESTO
Pasta preference ALDENTE
Peter Parker's alarm system SPIDEYSENSE
Poet Whitman WALT
Seattle's __ Place Market PIKE
Ship, to its crew SHE
Show disdain for SNEERAT
Sign of deceit, and a hint to this puzzle's circled letters SHIFTYEYES
Single ONE
Skips, as TiVoed ads ZAPS
Sleepover need PAJAMAS
Stainless __ STEEL
Subdued MUTED
Thanksgiving decoration MAIZE
Toss from office OUST
Touched down ALIT
Tropical fruits PAPAYAS
Vatican personnel BISHOPS
Vineyard cask TUN
Weekly septet DAYS
When the NFL's regular season begins SEPT
Without serious thought IDLY
Years, to Livy ANNI
__ acid AMINO
__-garde AVANT
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