How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily May 29 2016

"Barbecue may not be the road to world peace, but it's __": Anthony Bourdain ASTART
"Chinatown" screenwriter Robert TOWNE
"Modern Family" daughter ALEX
"Sorry, you __ me" LOST
"Spellbound" malady AMNESIA
"We're headed for overtime!" ITSATIE
"__ dreaming?" AMI
'60s pop singer Sands EVIE
1847 novel with the chapter "What Happened at Hytyhoo" OMOO
ACLU issues RTS
Actress Stevens INGER
AI game competitor BOT
Ancient Dead Sea kingdom MOAB
Arcade pioneer ATARI
Astrologer Sydney OMARR
Bacharach collaborator Carole Bayer __ SAGER
Belittles ABASES
Big name in dental care ORALB
Bond issuer: Abbr GOVT
Boy band with an acronymic name NSYNC
Capital of Eritrea ASMARA
Cellist's need ROSIN
Certain trait carrier RECESSIVEGENE
Change course suddenly SWERVE
Chinese restaurant offering HOTTEA
City near Syracuse UTICA
Classic roadster REO
Clio contender ADMAN
Coffee maker brand BRAUN
Compact automatic weapon UZI
Compel by force COERCE
Conductor Klemperer OTTO
Consideration complications IFS
Control __ TOWER
D-backs, on scoreboards ARI
Decorative sewing case ETUI
Deli order NOMAYO
Did a salon job RINSED
Disneyland's county ORANGE
Dockworker's org ILA
Doomed Genesis city SODOM
Electrode shooters TASERS
Explosive trial NTEST
Finish shooting WRAP
Flier's option AISLE
Footnote word IDEM
Former Calif. base FTORD
Frat house letter SIGMA
Gelatin garnish ASPIC
Georgia O'Keeffe subject IRIS
Geraint's wife ENID
Germinates SPROUTS
Go like crazy TEAR
Graduation hanger TASSEL
Houlihan portrayer on "M*A*S*H" SWIT
Implied TACIT
Judicial seat BANC
K thru 12 ELHI
Keystone officer KOP
Kipling's Rikki-Tikki-__ TAVI
KOA patron RVER
Lacking benefits, perhaps PARTTIME
Lena Dunham HBO series GIRLS
Like some surprise endings IRONIC
Lowers oneself STOOPS
Lowest points NADIRS
Many millennia AEON
Minuscule part of a min NSEC
Monorail transports TRAMS
Mont. neighbor IDA
More accurate TRUER
More agreeable NICER
Mostly shaved style MOHAWK
MTV's parent company VIACOM
Mythical servant GENIE
Naysayer ANTI
NBC musical reality show, with "The" VOICE
NBC-affiliated announcer in nine different decades PARDO
Nevada city on I-80 ELKO
Night school subj ESL
Nimble SPRY
Oklahoma native OTO
Old AT&T rival MCI
Old auto named for an explorer DESOTO
On the fritz KAPUT
One of TV's Mavericks BRET
Open __ of worms ACAN
Oral Roberts University city TULSA
Orchestrator, perhaps ARRANGER
Org. with a caduceus in its logo AMA
Pacino title role SERPICO
Pakistani language URDU
Pastries made with choux dough ECLAIRS
Phonies SHAMS
Pickup at a stand FARE
Pickup spot BOXOFFICE
Podium tapper, at times MAESTRO
Pond prohibition NOSWIMMING
Prefix with scope PERI
President, e.g LEADER
Pricey watch RADO
Prince Valiant's son ARN
Purina rival IAMS
Put-on HOAX
Rapa __: Easter Island NUI
Really cool AWESOME
Removable engine OUTBOARDMOTOR
Reprobate LOWLIFE
Reverent DEVOUT
Ring pair TAGTEAM
Rocking the stadium AROAR
Romance novel emotion LUST
Room next to la cocina, maybe SALA
Salon sounds SNIPS
Shade of green NILE
Sights along old Route 66 MOTELS
Soulful Redding OTIS
Sportscaster Ahmad RASHAD
Suffix with proto- ZOA
Sweater pattern ARGYLE
Switch add-on EROO
Synthetic fiber ARNEL
The lord in "O beware, my lord, of jealousy!" OTHELLO
To any extent ATALL
Took a verse alone SOLOED
Track runner? TROLLEYCAR
Trade name letters DBA
Travesty FARCE
Trig ratios SINES
Twice penta- DECA
Undeveloped ability RAWTALENT
Unscrupulously competitive DOWNANDDIRTY
Wide-open space EXPANSE
Wonder Woman accessory TIARA
Young Skywalker's nickname ANI
__ avail TONO
__ mill GIN
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