How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily May 22 2016

"Gone With the Wind" actress LEIGH
"Hang in there" BESTRONG
"Invisible Man" author Ellison RALPH
"This Gun for Hire" actor LADD
"Whatever floats your boat" FINE
Ambulance VIP EMT
Angry reaction to insolent trick-or-treaters? HALLOWEENFIT
Arm-twisting DURESS
Aspirant WANNABE
Assuage EASE
Astronaut's garb GSUIT
Attacked without warning RAIDED
Bit of ugly politics SMEAR
Blog entry about garden edging? BORDERPOST
Bores for ore MINES
Bug-loving org NSA
Burn remedy ALOE
Capital east of the Black Hills PIERRE
Chan portrayer OLAND
Chocolate substitute CAROB
Cincy-based consumer products giant PANDG
Cioppino cooker POT
Collectors' items? DEBTS
Completed with one stroke ACED
Count (on) DEPEND
Court figs DAS
Crystallized mist ICEFOG
Curious to a fault NOSY
Cyberjotting ENOTE
D.C. location, familiarly USOFA
Department of Labor training program JOBCORPS
Distinctive mark APLUS
Energy source ATOM
Enjoys King and Queen READS
Exertion while getting up? STANDINGEFFORT
Express disdain (at) SNIFF
Extremely EVERSO
Fairy tale trio PIGS
Fan reaction? AAH
First word of "The Raven" ONCE
Fourth down play PUNT
Frantic monologue RANT
Gets in the pool, maybe BETS
Go on LAST
Goya's "Duchess of __" ALBA
Gregarious play group? SOCIALCAST
Had a row? OARED
Half a Yale cheer BOOLA
Hebrew opener ALEPH
How writers usually work ALONE
Hyde Park carriage PRAM
Innocent words NOTME
Interstellar dist LTYR
It covers a lot of ground SOIL
It often includes sides MAINDISH
King creation NOVEL
Leather piercers AWLS
Like jellybeans OVOID
Like many an Internet troll: Abbr ANON
Like Oscar Wilde IRISH
Like parts of the Great Plains SEMIARID
Like urban population DENSE
Long Island airport town ISLIP
Many August births LEOS
Maori carvings TIKIS
MD associates RNS
Member of college music's Whiffenpoofs ELI
Mint product COIN
Mongolian for "waterless place" GOBI
Morales of "Jericho" ESAI
Mount to mount STEED
Navigation hazard REEF
Nilla product WAFER
Noisy fliers GEESE
Northern terminus of I-79 ERIE
Not-too-potent potable NEARBEER
Often-bricked surface PATIO
Often-skinned spot KNEE
Old will? SHALT
One learning the ropes PUPIL
One with ropelike tresses RASTA
Order to attack SICEM
Part of IRA: Abbr ACCT
Peace Nobelist Cassin RENE
Pickup shtick that needs refinement? ROUGHLINE
Pilgrim John ALDEN
Place for perjurers? LYINGAREA
Plods (through) SLOGS
Potter's pedal TREADLE
Pressure source PEER
Qatari bigwigs EMIRS
Really come down POUR
Reason to ban a book PORN
Ref's call TKO
Retina feature CONE
Rock band famous for face paint KISS
Run the show EMCEE
Russian retreat DACHA
Salinger title teen ESME
Scrabble piece TILE
Seasonal pharmacy offering FLUSHOT
Seat of Allen County, Kansas IOLA
Second coming REBIRTH
Ship's secure containers? BOUNDFREIGHT
Shock source TASER
Short deli order? BLT
Shows some spunk DARES
Site for techies CNET
Slick OILY
Some light beers BUDS
Some Neruda poems ODES
Somewhat soft, as a sound LOWISH
Soup aisle array CANS
Spa treatment FACIAL
Split the tab GODUTCH
Spread measurement ACRE
Steinbeck surname JOAD
Supply-and-demand sci ECON
Take under one's wing ASSIST
Tel __ AVIV
Texter's "Just sayin'" FWIW
They can make good impressions SEALS
They may be emotional SCARS
Three-time Olympics host country ITALY
Toil (away) SLAVE
Too violent, perhaps RRATED
Took off RAN
Tropical lizard GECKO
Two of a kind PAIR
Underlying cause ROOT
United route AIRWAY
Walked (on) TROD
Wasatch Mountains resort ALTA
Water carrier DUCT
Wine order CARAFE
Wing for rugby's Wallabies? AUSTRALIANBACK
Winter Games vehicle LUGE
Without obligation ASAFAVOR
Wood finish? DEE
Word in two state names SOUTH
Work out RESOLVE
__ Bell: Emily Brontë pen name ELLIS
__ pants CARGO
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