How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily May 18 2014

"... __ saw Elba" EREI
"Besides that ..." ALSO
"C'est magnifique!" OOLALA
"Chicago Hope" Emmy winner LAHTI
"Get busy!" HOPTOIT
"In my opinion ..." IDSAY
"M*A*S*H" actress SWIT
"Silly me!" DOH
"Three Days of the Condor" org CIA
"__, you noblest English": "Henry V" ONON
2013 Women's British Open winner Stacy LEWIS
Aaron Burr was once tried for it TREASON
Aesthetic attitude TASTE
Africa's Mobutu __ Seko SESE
Anise-flavored liqueur PERNOD
Ankle-related TARSAL
Apollo protection SPACESUIT
Apt address for an Orlando team? MAGICSQUARE
Apt address for Australian zookeepers? KANGAROOCOURT
Apt address for dairymen? MILKYWAY
Apt address for gossip columnists? DIRTTRAIL
Apt address for hit men? VICIOUSCIRCLE
Apt address for petrologists? ROCKYROAD
Apt address for photographers? FLASHDRIVE
Apt address for prizefighters? BELTLOOP
Apt address for surgeons? INSIDELANE
Auth. unknown ANON
Bakery tool SIFTER
Basic dance TWOSTEP
Beantown hockey hero ESPO
Bee follower CEE
Big period EPOCH
Boater's pronoun SHE
Bourbon barrel wood OAK
Braying beast ASS
British stew HOTPOT
Bug user SNOOP
Burn at the beach FRY
Burned media, for short CDRS
Capable, kiddingly EPT
Car deal component TRADEIN
Carol contraction TIS
Chiapas chaperon DUENA
Classical music lover, facetiously LONGHAIR
Coin datum YEAR
Collar attachment LEASH
Corrida kudos OLE
Coty Award winner Bill BLASS
Country singer Clark TERRI
Credit sharer COSTAR
Deviate VEER
Didn't trash KEPT
Equinox mo SEPT
Et __ ALII
Exude OOZE
Fairy tale brother HANSEL
Far-out bunch? ALIENS
Finder's reward FEE
Football Hall of Famer Marchetti GINO
For kicks ONALARK
German village DORF
Grab some z's SACKOUT
Grate stuff ASH
Hand over CEDE
Helmet attachments STRAPS
Holiday tree BALSAM
Honey substitute? DEARIE
Hummable bit TUNE
i follower POD
Irish actor Milo OSHEA
It may be artificial TURF
It's a gas OZONE
Jai __ ALAI
Jalisco gal pal AMIGA
Kick starter? KAY
Kiddie lit redhead PIPPI
Klutz OAF
Liberal group? ARTS
Like a GI who missed the boat? AWOL
Mayberry moppet OPIE
Member of the Panthera genus TIGER
Mexican restaurant staples TACOS
Mil. award DSM
Miler Sebastian COE
Mine, in Monaco AMOI
Missing more marbles LOONIER
Mollycoddle COSSET
Muzzleloading aid RAMROD
Nancy's buddy SLUGGO
Nanny follower CAM
Native Canadian CREE
Negotiate a figurative hill? AGE
Old-style golf wear KNICKERS
One who's bound to order? NEATNIK
Overjoys ELATES
P.O. deliveries LTRS
Parkinson's treatment LDOPA
PC display LCD
Performers' union acronym AFTRA
Places for prayer leaders APSES
Poet Dove RITA
Pops the top off OPENS
Porcine cry OINK
Projecting window ORIEL
Pull back, as talons RETRACT
Put under a spell CURSED
Put under a spell BEWITCH
Responds to kitchen aromas DROOLS
River to the Bering Sea YUKON
River to the Mediterranean NILE
Salome septet VEILS
Sasquatch kin YETI
Scena segment ARIA
Scientific map subjects GENOMES
Searches for anew RESEEKS
Silly talk TWADDLE
Sitcom radio station WKRP
Some three-wheelers, briefly ATVS
Sportscaster Hershiser OREL
Spy novelist Ambler ERIC
Subj. for aliens ESL
Synagogue leaders RABBIS
Tandoori bread NAAN
Theodore of "The Defiant Ones" BIKEL
Things to do TASKS
Tight gathering CLUSTER
Traveler's aid ATLAS
Tropical blow TYPHOON
Turning meas RPS
Two in seventy-five? VEES
Two-time US Open winner SELES
Untouchable SACREDCOW
USCG officer ENS
Vegas light NEON
What burglars may walk on TIPTOE
Where to see hands on a wrist DIAL
Wing for Dumbo EAR
__ Darya River AMU
__ Plaines, Illinois DES
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