How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily May 09 2014

"... if I tell thee __, spit in my face": Falstaff ALIE
"Get a __!" GRIP
"Pensées" author PASCAL
"Who, me?" AMI
Actress Campbell of TV's "Martin" TISHA
Additionally TOBOOT
Apple product IPAD
Apportioned, with "out" METED
Boss's command DOIT
Brief statement, by necessity TWEET
Bring forth ELICIT
Communication device in Nova Scotia? HALIFAXMACHINE
Contributes PUTSIN
DDE, e.g GEN
Doesn't quit STAYSON
Eccentric types WEIRDOS
English cathedral city ELY
Fiver FIN
Four-day weekend time, for many: Abbr NOV
Friend of Huck JIM
Furry youngster CUB
Get to the bottom of SOLVE
Gp. for GPs HMO
Grave statement, briefly? RIP
Igneous rock on which the Code of Hammurabi is inscribed DIORITE
Kate, to Petruchio WIFE
Like some chickens WIMPISH
Liszt's instrument PIANO
Long ride? LIMO
Marseilles : -euse :: Madrid : __ ITA
Monument Valley sight BUTTE
Move a bit STIR
Neptune's realm SEA
Neptune, e.g GOD
Olympic venue ARENA
One working at home UMP
Original boss of Sara and Nick on "CSI" GIL
Osmium or rhodium METAL
Personnel providing CPR EMTS
Powerful team OXEN
Prayer leader IMAM
Psychotic Chihuahua REN
Questionnaire datum SEX
Rembrandt van __ RIJN
Reprimand often given while pointing down BADDOG
Sandwich staple RYE
Sea urchin roe, in sushi bars UNI
See 2-Down HERE
Some games have multiple ones ENDINGS
Spacewalk initials EVA
Speedy shark MAKO
Split and flattened, as shrimp FANTAIL
Synonym eponym ROGET
Take a dim view of DISLIKE
Teammate of Hubbell OTT
The Donald's first ex IVANA
Theban queen of myth INO
Thick-pile rug RYA
Thin-rail bridge ASA
Throat ailment in Alberta? EDMONTONSILITIS
Toll, basically ROADTAX
Tool storage convenience in Manitoba? WINNIPEGBOARDS
Undetermined INLIMBO
Very long time EON
Vonage, for one TELECOM
Weaken SAG
Wire holder SPOOL
With 22-Across, "See ya!" IMOUTTA
Without restraint WILDLY
Works on walls OILS
Works on walls ART
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