How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily May 03 2009

"Bonanza" brother ADAM
"Do the __" MATH
"Dreams From My Father" memoirist OBAMA
"Gimme a few __" SECS
"I can hardly wait!" OHBOY
"Look what I did!" TADA
"That used to be the case" NOTANYLONGER
"The Cider House Rules" Oscar winner CAINE
"The Devil Wears __" PRADA
"The noblest frailty of the mind": Shadwell WIT
'60s protest LIEIN
2000s scandal subject ENRON
Abbr. between a first and last name, maybe NMI
An eternity AGES
As it was formerly known, channel with the slogan "play every day" GAMESHOWNETWORK
Authority SAY
Bank employee TELLER
Bank takebacks REPOS
Bartender's supply ICE
Bee's charge? OPIE
Ben-Gurion Airport is its hub ELAL
Biblical landfall ARARAT
Biblical lion wrestler SAMSON
Big name in hotels RITZ
Blacken CHAR
Blogger's indulgence RANT
Bonkers DAFT
Bottom point NADIR
Broadway "Music Man" portrayer Robert PRESTON
Cakesters brand OREO
Candied veggie YAM
Celtic rivals LAKERS
Chat room afterthought letters BTW
Circ. info holder CDROM
Clothes line SEAM
Cloverleaf part RAMP
Corpse sniffer of film ASTA
Couldn't rush at rush hour SATINTRAFFIC
Counting everything INALL
Cowardly YELLOW
Crew members OARSMEN
Cruet contents OIL
Cry out loud SOB
Cutter's cousin SLOOP
Dance floor flasher STROBE
Defeat LOSS
Derby feature BRIM
Epitome of thinness RAIL
Examined by the doctor SEEN
Expense report need RECEIPT
Farm eatery? LEA
Fictional sleuth Wolfe NERO
Find a space PARK
Flimsy LAME
Foot part INCH
Future litigator's study PRELAW
Gaucho's lasso RIATA
Gauguin's retreat TAHITI
Golf lesson subject STANCE
Gp. advocating adoption SPCA
Gray area?: Abbr. ANAT
Group meeting in the Palais du Luxembourg SENAT
Hard to dispute, as a theory TENABLE
Harmonic and melodic TONAL
Herb garden herb BASIL
Hold precious ADORE
Icky stuff SLIME
In the middle of AMONGST
Intending AIMING
It can be seen from the Seine EIFFELTOWER
It includes Napa and Sonoma counties BAYAREA
It might be harebrained IDEA
It's a wrap SHAWL
Itty-bitty biter GNAT
Jabber YAK
Juilliard deg. MFA
Lambaste SLAM
Legal hurdle BAREXAM
Like many families TWOCAR
Like suspicious e-mail, usually UNREAD
Lunch orders BLTS
Madrid Mrs. SRA
Major account SAGA
Make __ adventure ITAN
Marine predator ORCA
Memorable times ERAS
Messes up ERRS
Mil. bigwigs GENS
Mimics APERS
More chilling EERIER
Mosque leaders IMAMS
Name to a position APPOINT
NFL fifth quarters OTS
Nice friend AMIE
Not-so-good gds. IRRS
Old tee, maybe RAG
Olympics cheer USA
On one's toes ALERT
Platte River settler OTO
Playful prank CAPER
Prefix with centric ETHNO
Pub proposal TOAST
Radar's soda NEHI
Religious sch. SEM
Resign, with "down" STEP
Rub the right way MASSAGE
Ruckus MELEE
Safe bronzing product SPRAYONTAN
Seasonal dancing center? MAYPOLE
Select group ALIST
Short flight HOP
Site of many styles SALON
Slow-moving critters SLOTHS
Small and sprightly ELFIN
Some e-mail receivers PDAS
Southernmost of the 48 sts. FLA
Spider web, say TRAP
Stand in a studio EASEL
Stock add-on ADE
Story to verify ALIBI
Strauss's "__ Heldenleben" EIN
Subdivided ZONED
Subject of Randy Wyatt's play "Synonymy" ROGET
Succotash staples LIMAS
The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, e.g. ONLINENEWSPAPER
Timer alert DING
Tiny arachnids MITES
Took the role of ACTEDAS
Track long shots NAGS
Uncertain sounds ERS
Unwelcome eyeful LEER
Upscale auto BMW
Valuable vein LODE
Very competitive TYPEA
Waldo of kids' books, e.g. HIDDENIMAGE
Warble TRILL
Was ahead LED
Watch for cops, e.g. ABET
Watched from behind TAILED
Web page stats HITS
Yukon, e.g.: Abbr. TERR
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